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  • Auto Height Control for Standing Grains

    Auto Height Control for Standing Grains

    Provides combine integrated height and tilt control for grain headers. Includes 1-year parts warranty. Sensors mount using existing bolts on most headers or with included brackets. All sensors (up to 5) independently control height. Sensing point moves forward at lower cutting heights. Installs on most combines and headers made in past 30 years. Works with many different standing grains. Feathersight option- allows seemless operation from on ground to...

  • Truesight - High Accuracy Row-Crop Autosteer Control System

    Truesight - High Accuracy Row-Crop Autosteer Control System

    Truesight is a high accuracy row-crop autosteer control system for corn harvesting.  Truesight works by using mechanical sensing wands to feel the rows and integrates with an existing steering device to guide the combine down the row.  It is not tied to GPS, therefore can be installed on any combine once a steering valve or motor is installed.

  • Headsight - Corn Harvesting Systeem

    Headsight - Corn Harvesting Systeem

    Horizon- offers the most advanced header control and diagnostics at your finger tips. Insight- single controller that offers solutions to all header control needs. Foresight Option- improves header control near ground. Magic Power Boost Option- Allows Insight or Horizon to unlock more horsepower in JD S-series and some 70-series combines. Integrates with existing combine height and tilt circuits. Accurate long lasting patented height sensors. Includes...