Heartnut Grove Inc.

HG is a family run business focusing on helping farmers and home gardeners alike. Our products can help improve productivity while saving you time and money. HG carries products that work in horticulture, agriculture, irrigation, greenhouses or home gardening. We provide products that can help improve the quality and/or volume of your products while simplifying the growing or harvesting process. The HG team is available to discuss your needs, develop a plan and provide products that work best to meet your goals. Visit our contact page and find a team member that can help.

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21831 Cooks Rd , Mount Brydges , Ontario N0L 1W0 Canada

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Nationally (across the country)

HG is situated on an active heartnut grove and farm in Southwestern Ontario. Over 40 years of farming and agricultural experience is the foundation of this family run business. We understand your product needs and what’s more, we can help.

Heartnut Grove not only provides the finest materials but we back it up with value and service. This allows you to concentrate on the many other challenges that go into a successful and profitable business. Having “walked the walk”, we know that you need exceptional value for your hard-earned dollars and we are determined to give you just that. Contact us at any time to discuss your needs and challenges.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at HG is to provide our customers with the most innovative mix of products available for their horticultural, silage, irrigation, greenhouse and home gardening needs.

Our commitment is to ensure that our products are excellent in quality offered at a competitive price, in a timely fashion and with exceptional service and support.
We strive to update and improve our product selection to meet the evolving technology in today’s world.