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  • Horticulture

  • Model Eco-One Oxo - Biodegradable (OBD) Plastic Mulch

    Model Eco-One Oxo - Biodegradable (OBD) Plastic Mulch

    Eco-One Oxo-Biodegradable (OBD) plastic mulch has been used and sold successfully for several years. Eco-One is available in various widths to meet your needs. OBD mulch films provide the strength required to ensure a tight fit over raised and flat beds while improving growing conditions. Eco-One OBD has all the benefits of regular mulch such as increased yields, easy installation, earlier harvest, soil warming, weed control and moisture retention. It...

  • BioTelo - Agri Biodegradable Mulching Film

    BioTelo - Agri Biodegradable Mulching Film

    BioTelo Agri is a revolutionary film for mulching that is biodegradable. BioTelo Agri is composed of Mater-Bi, a corn-starch based, thermoplastic material made of raw materials from renewable resources that have not been genetically modified. BioTelo Agri breaks down into the soil where microorganisms convert it to water, carbon dioxide and biomass. Degradation of BioTelo Agri depends largely on climatic and environmental conditions such as...

  • Filmtech - Embossed Plastic Mulch

    Filmtech - Embossed Plastic Mulch

    Filmtech is setting a new standard by introducing the latest technology in the industry to produce the finest agricultural film and mulch products.

  • Eco-Light - Solar Reflective Plastic Mulch

    Eco-Light - Solar Reflective Plastic Mulch

    The reflective properties of aluminum faced plastic have been shown to organically control several species of insects. By using this mulch, a grower would be able to harvest quality, marketable fruit and vegetables.

  • Samco - Degradable Film

    Samco - Degradable Film

    Degradable film from Samco Film is formulated to extend the growing season for corn and sweet corn. It makes a microclimate over the corn. It increases the soil and air temperature and can protect from late frosts. This enables the farmer to plant earlier and get a jump start on the growing season.

  • Irrigation

  • Bowsmith and Eurodrip - Drip Tape

    Bowsmith and Eurodrip - Drip Tape

    Bowsmith drip tape has the largest flow path of any drip tape on the market. This results in reduced clogging, better emission uniformity and performance for increased yields. It incorporates a unique 3D turbo technology to prevent sediment build up. Bowsmith’s Bigfoot Drip Tape offers a cost effective option for water distribution. Moisture within the root zone can be maintained while the unique slit outlets of the Bigfoot drip tape prevent...

  • Orival-Eurodrip - Pressure Reducing Units

    Orival-Eurodrip - Pressure Reducing Units

    Pressure reducing and sustaining units from Orival – Eurodrip combine the operation of the two pilots to sustain a constant pressure upstream of the valve, and at the same time, reduce the downstream to a preset pressure. Both pilots have spring loaded diaphragms. One pilot is sensitive to upstream pressure and the other to downstream pressure. The valve opens or closes gradually to maintain both required pressures simultaneously.

  • Olson - Stainless Steel Filters

    Olson - Stainless Steel Filters

    The Olson Vacleen stainless steel filter is an automatic, state-of-the-art, self-cleaning filtration system providing excellent filtration for agricultural applications. The system’s unique backflush cleaning cycle provides uninterrupted filtration due to the speed of the cleaning process and the minimal amount of system pressure drop. Sound engineering principles and modern technology, combined with user needs and experience, have produced the...

  • Silage

  • Trioplast - Silage Wrap

    Trioplast - Silage Wrap

    The new generation of silage film with the power of saving costs, saving the environment and serving the customer. In order to make baling work in the field more efficiently, Trioplast has been working extensively on research and development of new products for a number of years. In 2004, Trioplast started developing a new generation of pre-stretched Balewrap. Extensive testing both internally and externally preceded sales of this product.