Heliflex Tubos e Mangueiras, S.A.

Heliflex have an important role in the hose market for more than 44 years since it has a great experience on the transformation of polymers and because it has a big variety of products. The rigor of the raw material`s selection, the creativity, the innovation of the products and also the performance has allowed Heliflex to follow the market`s evolution. Heliflex comes to light due to the way it develops its entrepreneurial activity by penetrating into the global market. We are a company which has conquered a recognized place in the national and international markets. As the leaders of the market, we want to become an important enterprise concerning the production and commerce of hoses and pipes System.

Company details

Zona Industrial da Mota Apartado 525 , Gafanha da Encarnação , 3834-906 Portugal

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Bearing in mind the qualification of our employees and the research department, we try to apply new technologies and the technical knowledge to our products in order to allow Heliflex to grow concerning quality and efficiency. Our performance and the quality of our products are recognized through the certification of the firm by the standard ISO 9001:2008 (APCER and AENOR) and a range of products by CERTIF. However, we want to develop even more and only you can make it happen!

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Administrative Council.

Our mission
To develop, to innovate and to please the client with quality services.
To be capable of a serious resources administration in order to give value to partners and employees.
To be a serious and responsible enterprise which contributes to the socio-economical development of all surrounding community.

Quality is the air Heliflex breaths. We are a certificated enterprise through the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and AENOR.

However, we are always looking for the best solutions in order to achieve our partners and our clients' well being as well as the quality of our products.

The experience we have acquired all through 44 years and the permanent application of technology in order to achieve Quality are the main ingredients for our know-how, which allow us to grant you success.

The technological development as well as this pro-active attitude are the main reasons why we completely please our clients.

The work that we have been developing all through the last 44 years could only be achieved due to a reliable and stable organization.

Honesty is the main reason of our success and the good relationship we have with our partners depend upon it. We know that the confidence of our clients and customers is essential. That is why we pay so much attention to it.

Several elements can identify us in different products. Heliflex is easily recognized through them.

The company adopted the name of the first hose it produced - the heliflex (flexible hose with helix mainly used for liquid suction).

A simple name which is the basis of our products characterized by variety.

A strong colour easily recognized.

The activity area of the company it's reinforced in the headline 'Tubos e Mangueiras, S.A.' (Pipes and Hoses), put in the institutional logotype.

Our corporative identity is gathered into a kit of norms which define the rules for the use of our logotype. Whenever you need our image, please ask us for the norms kit in order to grant the respect for Heliflex's image.

a new way to see the world.

The beginning
Heliflex Tubos e Mangueiras, S.A. was born from the necessity of a new hose to suck water from wells.

During an exhibition about agriculture in Paris, a partner of the enterprise Henrique Vieira e Filhos, Lda (Henrique Simões Vieira) met the A.G. Petzetakis Group S.A. (Greek) which had the wished hose. The multinational wanted to have a representative in Portugal. The seed was scattered for growth. On September 1, 1969, the Heliflex Portuguesa (Tubos Flexíveis), Lda was born (the current Heliflex Tubos e Mangueiras, S.A.).

However, during a congress in Athens, which the former administrators Acácio Vieira and Anselmo Santos took part in, a new idea was born: the creation of a productive unit. It became a reality on January 1, 1971. It was the most prominent moment of this reliable and ambitious project.

From that moment on, Heliflex has progressively introduced several types of products in the market. These products are always characterized by quality which is Heliflex's way of being, assuring its leadership in the market.

Present situation

Due to the growth of the market and also due to the market's competitiveness, Heliflex felt the necessity to invest in products with a stronger technological component. It enlarged its offer and it insured and consolidated the quality of its products. The qualification of the employees was also a main concern for Heliflex. This continuous and sustained growth of Heliflex allowed by a strategic administration was showed through the penetration of Heliflex into several markets and with the opening of five branches: Heliflex Angola (December, 2008), Heliflex Mozambique (August, 2009), Heliflex Sud America (September, 2009), Heliflex Brazil (April, 2010) and Heliflex Morocco.

After 44 years, we can say that Heliflex was a good shot! Nowadays, Heliflex has its own place in the market and its quality is recognized not only in the national market but also in the international market, due to its dedication and effort. Heliflex is also recognized by the standard ISO 9001: 2008 (since December, 2009). However, the Heliflex quality process of certification began in 1990; in May, 1998 was certified by ISO 9002; in April, 2000 by ISO 9001 and in March, 2002 by ISO 9001: 2000. In January 2009 by ISO 9001:2008. Heliflex is also certificate by AENOR, since 2009.

Heliflex is 44 years old. It is unquestionably an enterprise recognized all over Europe. Not only Heliflex produces and commercializes a great variety of products but also has the capacity to provide the technical support through its team.

The client's satisfaction and trust are the main goal of Heliflex. In this way, Heliflex's mission is to answer or even overcome the client's expectations. This commitment is based on the thought that the client is the source of the benefits of the employees, partners and of all community. Satisfied clients allow the employment of people, the growth of business and the improvement of the community life conditions.

To be the market's leader means to overcome the client's expectations. It is our main goal.

In this way, Heliflex's philosophy is based on two factors: the expansion capacity and dynamism. These are the main reasons why we have reached the market's leadership. This philosophy came up from an agreement and became the basis of the renewal of production methods and of our wish for evolution.