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Products by Lely

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Rear Mowers

  • Splendimo Classic - Rear Movers

    Splendimo Classic - Rear Movers

    The simple mower with lateral drive. Fitted with a hydraulic ram for lifting into the transport and headland position. The Classic models 205 and 240 are available in HD versions. A perfect cutting pattern and an unrivalled output under all crop conditions, a compact and solid construction, fuel economy and low maintenance costs; these are the main characteristics of the Splendimo Classic mowers. The combination of a powerful lateral drive with...

  • Splendimo M - Rear Movers

    Splendimo M - Rear Movers

    A modern and very solid range of mowers featuring central suspension. Fitted with a Top Drive for the cutter bar as well as a hydraulic ram for folding into the transport position and lifting into the headland position. The new Splendimo M mowers have been improved in many ways and now excel in durability and ease of operation. The mowers, without conditioner, allow for a large flow-through of crop, making the quality of mowing and the capacity of the...

  • Splendimo MC - Rear Movers

    Splendimo MC - Rear Movers

    The well-proven mower features central suspension with easily adjustable ground pressure setting. A hydraulic ram is used for both lifting into headland position and folding. The 240 MCR features a rubber roller conditioner. All other models feature a wide conditioner rotor with nylon fingers. The comprehensive range of advanced Splendimo MC mowers with conditioner ensure highly effective crop throughput. Even in the most arduous of conditions you...

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Front Mowers

  • Splendimo F - Front Movers

    Splendimo F - Front Movers

    Front mowers with full specifications, without an Impeller conditioner. The 300 FS model features pendulum headstock and specially designed swath-formers for extras narrow swaths. All other models feature a pull type suspension with a parallelogram construction as well as a headland ram. All Splendimo disc mowers are fitted with a unique modular cutter bar. This Lely invention is made up of universal mowing units, which are directly driven by a...

  • Splendimo FC - Front Movers

    Splendimo FC - Front Movers

    The Splendimo FC front mowers have recently been considerably improved and fitted with Impeller conditioners. For most front mowers crop throughput is a problem because of the limited space available in relation to front mounting on the tractor. With the new Splendimo front mowers the wide conditioner rotors have maximum grip on the crop, which gives the mower a very large output. Due to their ingenious construction, the front mowers have remained...

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Trailed Movers

  • Splendimo P - Trailed Movers

    Splendimo P - Trailed Movers

    The biggest difference between a trailed mower and a front or rear mower is that by making use of a transport frame, weight plays much less of a role. Trailed mowers consequently have a very high specification and have the best possible contour-following system. Ideal for use with a light tractor to give perfect results under most difficult conditions.

  • Splendimo PC - Trailed Movers

    Splendimo PC - Trailed Movers

    Trailed mowers featuring Impeller conditioners. The range comprises three working widths. The mowers with conditioner feature steel flails or, in case of a type indication ‘R’ behind the name, a steel roller conditioner. The ‘S’ (Swing over) models can mow on both sides of the tractor. Uneven terrain, stony fields as well as heavy crops; those are the areas of operation for these 'trailed work horses'. Unpredictable and often...

  • Splendimo Triplo - Model 900 M/MC - Triplo Combinations

    Splendimo Triplo - Model 900 M/MC - Triplo Combinations

    The Splendimo Triplo combinations are a completely new design for the real professionals and they also guarantee an excellent mowing technique. With a net working width of 8.90 m, the Splendimo 900 M and 900 MC are the widest mowers in the Splendimo series.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Tedding

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Raking

  • Lely Rotonde - Model 510 - Hydraulically Adjustable Windrower

    Lely Rotonde - Model 510 - Hydraulically Adjustable Windrower

    The Lely Rotonde 510 is a hydraulically adjustable windrower specifically designed for silage, hay and straw. The machine consists of two large diameter rake wheels each fitted with 16 fully floating spring steel tines. This unique rowing action gently moves and inverts the grass into a light, airy, even windrow centrally behind the tractor.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Loading

  • Lely Tigo - Model S - Compact Loader Wagon Series

    Lely Tigo - Model S - Compact Loader Wagon Series

    Working with a loader wagon is the quickest way to harvest your crops. Loader wagons can finely chop grass and they have a large loading capacity. The optimum loading of the wagon makes haulage as efficient as possible.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Baling

  • Lely Welger - Model AP - For Baling Hay and Straw

    Lely Welger - Model AP - For Baling Hay and Straw

    The perfect technology for baling hay and straw. Our experiences, gained in over one hundred years of business and knowledge of the most modern production technologies, are used for every single one of our balers. Tried and tested technology, stable constructions and professional processing lead to machines which cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and value for money.

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Wrapping

  • Lely Attis - Model PT - Trailed Round Bale Wrappers

    Lely Attis - Model PT - Trailed Round Bale Wrappers

    Immediate wrapping of the bale ensures an airtight seal allowing the fermentation process to begin as soon as possible. The bale is not opened until it’s needed. Heating and decay are avoided and top quality fodder is produced. The Lely Attis PT models are trailed round bale wrappers with a turntable. The loading arm places the bale on the turntable and the bale guides keep it firmly in position. Thus, the wrapping process can continue when on...

  • Lely - Forage Harvesting - Chopping

  • Lely Storm - Model 130 P - Four Feed Rollers for Choppers

    Lely Storm - Model 130 P - Four Feed Rollers for Choppers

    Easy running, powerful and economic for cost‑effective forage harvesting. The Lely Storm 130 P combines a high crop throughput with minimal power requirements. The 130 P model can be driven from as little as 66 kW (90 hp). The four feed rollers create optimal compaction and ensure an uninterrupted and reliable crop intake. The flywheel – with a 1,300 mm diameter, 10 adjustable blades and a shear bar that can be used on both sides –...

  • Feeding

  • Lely - Model Vector - Automatic Feeding System

    Lely - Model Vector - Automatic Feeding System

    The automatic feeding system ensures that there is always enough fresh feed at the feed fence. No input is needed from you. When the feed is being pushed, the feed-height sensor detects whether more feed needs to be added. This means that you only provide feed when strictly necessary. This reduces the amount of feed waste and increases the quantity of fresh feed.

  • Cosmix - Concentrate Feeder

    Cosmix - Concentrate Feeder

    Concentrate feeder for cows that need that little bit more. By feeding according to cows’ requirements, rumen health improves and milk yield rises. The Lely Cosmix, along with the Lely Astronaut, ensures that each cow receives the portion of concentrate it needs. Cows that do not consume enough during milking, heifers and dry cows get their concentrates from the Cosmix. Thanks to the Lely Qwes cow-recognition system, the Cosmix knows precisely...

  • Model Juno - Automatically Feed Pusher System

    Model Juno - Automatically Feed Pusher System

    Pushing feed yourself is now a thing of the past. Using the Lely Juno you can program a number of routes through your barn. The software program that goes with it ensures that the correct route is followed at the correct time. This makes a difference of an average of 180 man-hours a year that can be used for other jobs. It also saves fuel because you no longer need a tractor to push feed.

  • Calm - Calf Feeder

    Calm - Calf Feeder

    For optimal growth and development from calf to dairy cow. Reduce your breeding period for calves by providing the right quality of milk at the right temperature several times a day. This promotes good health and achieves savings, in both labour and costs. The Lely Calm can provide 25 to 30 calves with fresh milk or milk powder. In this way, calves receive precisely what they need to grow and develop into cows.

  • Milking

  • Astronaut - Automatic Milking System

    Astronaut - Automatic Milking System

    A healthy and stress-free cow makes for more milk in the tank. That is why the Lely Astronaut was designed for cows. One of the features of the milking robot is the unique I-flow concept, which provides a straight route for cows. This means that the cows can easily enter and exit the robot when it is time for milking, and can be milked more rapidly, increasing the capacity of the robot.

  • Grazeway - Automatic Milking System

    Grazeway - Automatic Milking System

    The Grazeway offers outstanding user friendliness for you and stress-free selection for your cows. The selection box works with the same management system as the Lely Astronaut. In addition, the double-gate system is the same as the gate on the milking robot. You can also use the Grazeway for separating cows for treatment. You can program this through InHerd on your mobile phone.

  • Lely Attis - Model T4C - Cows Management System

    Lely Attis - Model T4C - Cows Management System

    The Lely T4C (Time-for-Cows) management system is the prime source of information for your dairy farm. It delivers real-time insight with no extra work. You can take direct action yourself and you can also act preventively based on predictions.

  • Housing and Caring

  • Lely - Model L4C - Light for Cows

    Lely - Model L4C - Light for Cows

    Good lighting in the barn has been shown to enhance cows’ productivity. With Lely Light for Cows (L4C) you can set up an efficient light plan, giving you the right light intensity in the barn 16-18 hours a day. More light stimulates the cows’ activity. It also has a positive influence on fertility and on the growth of your young cattle.

  • Luna - Cow Brush

    Luna - Cow Brush

    Keeping animal welfare to optimum levels leads to happier, healthier and more productive cows. Cow health can be enhanced by proper skin care. The Lely Luna brushes the skin and stimulates blood circulation. This leads not only to a more relaxed cow but also a calmer herd.

  • Walkway - Foot Bath for Efficient Hoof Care

    Walkway - Foot Bath for Efficient Hoof Care

    Healthy hooves for optimum animal welfare. Reduce hoof disease and premature lameness with efficient hoof care. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive. They will visit the feed gate and the milking robot more regularly. Healthy hooves are good for the animals and their yield.

Products by AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG

  • Amazone Spreaders

  • Perfect - Model ZA-X - Centrifugal Broadcaster

    Perfect - Model ZA-X - Centrifugal Broadcaster

    The twin disc spreader for smaller to medium sized arable farms and grassland farms. The ZA-X Perfect allows convenient adjustment and the accurate spreading of all commercial types of fertiliser up to 18 m and with Urea up to 15 m.

  • Crop Protection

  • Amazone - Model UF - Mounted Crop Protection Sprayer

    Amazone - Model UF - Mounted Crop Protection Sprayer

    The compact UF mounted sprayer, with tank capacities from 900 to 1,800 litres, is characterised by its strong, robust construction yet lightweight design. With a choice of Q-Plus, Super-S1 or Super-S2 booms, and in boom widths from 12 to 30 m, the UF is a machine that caters for a wide ranging size of farm.

  • Amazone - Model UF - Front Tank System

    Amazone - Model UF - Front Tank System

    Via the FT front tank, the tank volume of the UF mounted sprayer can be very simply increased by 1,000 l. Thanks to the optional FlowControl System and the compact design the UF front tank is the ideal solution for increasing the overall capacity of the UF.

  • Soil Tillage

  • Catros - Mounted Compact Disc Harrows

    Catros - Mounted Compact Disc Harrows

    The Catros compact disc harrow is ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Thanks to its easy pulling, and working widths from 3 to 6 m, especially high forward speeds and impressive work rates are possible

  • Cenius - Mounted Cultivators

    Cenius - Mounted Cultivators

    The diverse Cenius range offers, with its Cenius mounted models as well as the trailed Cenius-2T/Cenius-2TX cultivators in working widths from 4 m to 8 m, the possible solution for virtually all farm sizes. Thanks to the versatile levels of equipment available, almost any demand can be fulfilled and at the same time perfect working results are achieved.

  • Cenius - Model 2TX - Trailed Cultivator

    Cenius - Model 2TX - Trailed Cultivator

    The diverse Cenius range offers, with its Cenius mounted models as well as the trailed Cenius-2T/Cenius- TX cultivators in working widths from 4 m to 8 m, the possible solution for virtually all farm sizes. Thanks to the versatile levels of equipment available, almost any demand can be fulfilled and at the same time perfect working results are achieved.

  • Amazone Packer Rollers

  • Amazone - Model SW Series - Cage Roller

    Amazone - Model SW Series - Cage Roller

    The solid cage roller ensures the depth guidance of the soil tillage implement. It provides a loose, open seed bed for the following sowing or planting operation. Cage rollers are available with an outer diameter of 420 mm for working widths of 2.50 and 3 m and an outer diameter of 520 mm for working widths of 3 and 4 m.

  • Amazone - Model PW - Tooth Packer Roller

    Amazone - Model PW - Tooth Packer Roller

    The PW tooth packer roller is designed for a recompaction area covering over the entire surface. The deeply positioned, wear resistant scrapers ensure a blockage free operation even on very wet soils and if much straw is prevailing. As standard the scrapers are armoured by hard metal coating to triple the service life of usual scrapers. The PW tooth packer rollers with an outer diamater of 420 mm are available for working widths of  2.50 and 3...

  • Conventional Seed Drills

  • Amazone - Model D9  - Mounted Seed Drill

    Amazone - Model D9 - Mounted Seed Drill

    D9 mounted seed drills can be used as a solo machine or in combination with all soil tillage implements for either conventional or mulch sowing. With this in mind, these seed drills can be equipped, from choice, with either WS suffolk coulters or with RoTeC Control disc coulters.

  • Pneumatic Seed Drills

  • Amazone - Model AD-P - Special Pack Top Seed Drill

    Amazone - Model AD-P - Special Pack Top Seed Drill

    The AD-P Special 750 pneumatic seed drill, with its compact design, in 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 m working width, has been developed for use on medium sized farms. The seed hopper capacity is 750 l and can be increased with an extension to 1,000 l.  Designed especially for farms which are increasing in acreage and still looking for the advantages of a PTO-driven combination but with a higher output, the AD-P Special 1250 in 3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m working...

  • Large Area Sowing Technology

  • Amazone - Cirrus Large Area Seed Drill

    Amazone - Cirrus Large Area Seed Drill

    Seed drills with integrated passive soil tillage are used whenever relatively cost effective sowing with high work rates is required. Conventional and, of course, more and more, conservation arable farming systems are included in the operational ranges. With the Cirrus, one has a machine, with which it is possible to achieve precision sowing especially in medium to high yielding areas yet with a relevant higher acreage output. 'Cirrus 6001 is a...

  • Precision Airplanters

  • Amazone - Model ED  - Precision Airplanter

    Amazone - Model ED - Precision Airplanter

    AMAZONE precision Airplanters have carefully been designed for the demands of contractors and large farms. They are extremely versatile, are highly efficient and reliable with unprecedented accuracy. According to profi-Test operational speeds of 9 km/h are possible without problem. AMAZONE Precision Airplanters are extremely robust and simple and convenient to operate. In addition they are convincing by excellent placement accuracy, reliability and...

  • Amazone - Model EDX  - Precision Airplanter

    Amazone - Model EDX - Precision Airplanter

    The acreage of maize being grown continues to increase. In Germany, for example, in 2010, a good 2.3 million hectares of maize were sown, 10 % more than in 2009. On the other hand, depending on the location, crop rotation and seed variety, the period  for sowing is very short.

Products by Nugent Engineering

  • Engineering Equipments

  • Nugent - Grass Toppers

    Nugent - Grass Toppers

    6’ semi off set design. Manufactured to the highest specification using heavy gauge steel. Unique blade carrier specially designed from spring steel. P.T.O shaft is fitted with shear bolt and double run clutch. Adjustable level of cutting 1” to 7”. Fitted with comer gear boxes. A Frame designed for optimum safety, with blades 12 inches away from the edge

  • Bale Handling Equipment

  • Nugent - Duo Bale Attach

    Nugent - Duo Bale Attach

    The Nugent Duo Bale Attach joins the robust, versatile range of Bale Handling Equipment. The Nugent Dual Bale Attach allows wrapped bales to be moved safely and efficiently. Using two Heavy Duty Bale Lifters, the Attach allows independent movement of each lifter for simple collection. The Bale Lifters can be dismounted in minutes and attached directly to the back of a tractor on 3-point linkage.

  • Trailers

  • Nugent - Model T-Line - Tipper Trailers

    Nugent - Model T-Line - Tipper Trailers

    Nugent Tipper trailers are designed and manufactured for the demanding professional. With full type approval (ECWVTA), they’re manufactured with a strong fully welded and galvanised chassis, ensuring maximum strength and durability, load capacity, flexibility and safety. Innovative chassis design, combined with all round easy access, excellent tipping angle, drop sides and years of trailer design expertise have produced the perfect trailer for...

  • Livestock Trailers

  • Nugent - Livestock Trailers

    Nugent - Livestock Trailers

    Hailing from an agricultural background, the Nugent family has designed the Livestock range with the vigour of Ireland’s beef cattle and rugged terrain at the forefront of the design brief. Nugent Livestock Trailers are engineered and hand built to last and with full type approval (ECWVTA), any farmer will appreciate the attention to detail.

  • Nugent - Small Livestock Trailers

    Nugent - Small Livestock Trailers

    The Nugent Small Livestock Trailer includes a choice of two models with maximum gross weights of 1400 and 2000kg and the standard design includes plenty of desirable features.

  • Machinery

  • Nugent - Shear Grab

    Nugent - Shear Grab

    The Nugent Shear Grab silage block cutter is designed to cut neat, compact blocks of silage from a silage clamp efficiently. Suitable for cutting grass or maize silage the Nugent Shear Grab has a 780mm opening, giving the deepest block on the market. Available in four sizes from a modest 4’4” to 6’ it can be specified with brackets to suit a range of tele-handlers or front-end loaders.

  • Nugent - Bale Feeder

    Nugent - Bale Feeder

    The Nugent Bale Feeder complements Nugent’s existing bale handling range and is designed to save time, money and wastage on the farm whilst reducing manual handling and prioritising the safety of both animal and operative.

  • Nugent - Cattle Crushes

    Nugent - Cattle Crushes

    For generations the Nugent family has been steeped in agricultural traditions. Using his engineering expertise to facilitate his requirements on the farm, Sean Nugent began the manufacture of Cattle Crushes to handle and restrain the animal and this is where the Nugent story began over 30 years ago.

  • Nugent - Tine Grab

    Nugent - Tine Grab

    The Nugent Tine Grab complements the already popular Shear Grab range and is available in 3’8”, 4’4”, 5’ and 6’.  The Tine Grabs are manufactured to the usual high standard that you have come to expect from Nugent Engineering and can be fitted to any front-end loader or telescopic handler to suit every farms requirements.

  • Head Locking Gate

  • Nugent - Side Head Locking Gate

    Nugent - Side Head Locking Gate

    Simple movement of 1 lever brings 2 side bars in from each side to calmly and gently restrain the animal. Perfect for lively animals as well as dairy and pedigree livestock. Front cage provides safety for the operator. The unique backing frame construction means this crush gate can be easily fitted to any cattle run. Fully Hot Dip Galvanised.

  • Nugent - Beef Head Locking Gate

    Nugent - Beef Head Locking Gate

    Fully automatic resetting mechanism. Spring close reset action. Designed with sheeted front for strength an durability. Quick adjustment system allows for fast efficient movement of front bars. Specially reinforced backing frame allows for easy attachment to any cattle run. This heavy, strong gate is only suitable for large livestock. The Nugent Beef head locking gate is efficient for use with large numbers of livestock. Fully Hot Dip Galvanised.

  • Nugent - Dairy Head Locking Gate

    Nugent - Dairy Head Locking Gate

    Simple one lever operation. Competitive price and simple operation makes it ideal for the smallest of farmers. Available with a galvanised finished. Fully Hot Dip Galvanised.

Products by OBE Waste & Agri Engineering Ltd.

  • Slurry-TEK

  • Slurry-TEK - Contractor Spec Tankers

    Slurry-TEK - Contractor Spec Tankers

    OBE Waste & Agri Engineering Ltd works with agricultural contractors throughout the UK and Ireland to design and build a bespoke vacuum tanker that meets the agri contractor's precise specification. OBE's Slurry-TEK contactor spec tanker range is available from 2000 gallon to 4500 gallon. All Slurry-TEK tandem axle tankers come with a sprung drawbar, fully welded internal barrel, anti implosion rings and baffles, and are fitted with heavy duty...

  • Slurry-TEK - Vacuum Tankers

    Slurry-TEK - Vacuum Tankers

    The Slurry-TEK vacuum tanker range includes single, tandem and tridem axle tankers, recessed tankers, and OBE’s unique low centre gravity tanker. All tankers are manufactured with 6mm plate. Models from 1600 gallons upwards come standard with a commercial axle and 420 x 180mm brake shoes for safe and efficient braking. LED lights are fitted to all tankers as standard. Slurry-TEK tankers have become known for their strength, reliability and...

  • Slurry-TEK - Recessed Tankers

    Slurry-TEK - Recessed Tankers

    Slurry-TEK recessed tankers range from 1300 gallons up to 3000 gallons. Key standard features include fully welded internally and externally 6mm steel barrel, internal baffles and anti implosion rings, 24' galvanised rear access dome, four fill points (2 active), front and rear sight glasses, hydraulic brakes and LED lights. Sprung drawbar is standard from 1600 gallon upwards and a 10 stud commercial axle fitted with 420 x 180mm brake is standard from...

  • Slurry-TEK - Low Centre Gravity Tankers

    Slurry-TEK - Low Centre Gravity Tankers

    Spreading slurry on steep slopes can be risky but OBE Waste & Agri Engineering Ltd’s Slurry-TEK low centre gravity tanker offers a unique and safe solution.

  • Agricultural Trailers and Equipment

  • OBE - Drop Side Trailers

    OBE - Drop Side Trailers

    A complete range of dropside trailers for multipurpose work. All panels can be removed to enable it to be used as a flatbed. The low sides are ideal for work that require this specification but with the advantage of being able to build up the sides with extensions to form a grain or silage trailer.

  • OBE - Monocoque Trailers

    OBE - Monocoque Trailers

    OBE Agri monocoque body trailers have been well tested over the past number of years and have proved reliable and well balanced. All tandem models have sprung suspension as standard and have a parallel RHS chassis. Contact our sales team for a free quotation on OBE Agri grain trailers and silage trailers.

  • OBE - Agricultural Bale Trailers

    OBE - Agricultural Bale Trailers

    We offer a complete range of OBE Agri bale trailers from 6 to 14 ton capacity. All tandem axle models are fitted with road springs as standard. Chequer plate floor and head board are standard.

  • OBE - Heavy Duty Pallet Trailers

    OBE - Heavy Duty Pallet Trailers

    A range of heavy duty flat trailers fitted with fixed headboard and a chassis manufactured from RHS material and a chequer plate floor and heavy duty 8mm angle section side chime.

  • Masterburn - Animal Incinerators

    OBE Waste & Agri Engineering Ltd are the sole manufacturers of Masterburn incinerators. The full range of incinerators includes animal carcass and waste incinerators for use on pig, poultry, sheep and fish farms, models for use by pet cremation businesses and models for use on farm shops, small meat processing plants and mobile units for emergency culls.

  • Masterburn - Model MB350  - Animal incinerator

    Masterburn - Model MB350 - Animal incinerator

    The MASTERBURN MB350 incinerator is specifically designed to suit the needs of the medium sized poultry farmer, sheep farmer or dairy unit with large calf numbers and pet crematorium businesses. This compact incinerator produces virtually no smoke or smell and is ideal for disposing of dead animals.

  • Masterburn - Model MB450C - Animal incinerator

    Masterburn - Model MB450C - Animal incinerator

    The MASTERBURN MB450C incinerator has a large top loading lid which gives great access to the main chamber for loading animal carcasses and easy ash removal. This machine is popular within the pig industry and small abattoirs as well as with larger poultry units.

  • Masterburn - Model MB750 - Pig Incinerator

    Masterburn - Model MB750 - Pig Incinerator

    The Masterburn MB750 pig incinerator is designed for the clean safe, disposal of dead pigs on pig farms. Ideal for farms who want to increase their biosecurity and protect their animals from diseases such as swine fever and porcine epidemic diarrhoea.

  • Masterburn - Model MB350 pet  - Pet cremation incinerator

    Masterburn - Model MB350 pet - Pet cremation incinerator

    The MASTERBURN MB350 pet cremation incinerator is designed for use in veterinary clinics and by pet crematorium services. The MB350 incinerator has a capacity of 300kg and is suitable for cremating most pets including large dogs. This low capacity incinerator complies with EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009.

  • OBE Agri - Loader Buckets

    OBE Agri - Loader Buckets

    A comprehensive range of material handling buckets to suit all requirements. If you have a specific requirement which is not met by our list models please contact us. High tip variations also available.