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  • Mobile Vegetable Grading & Potato Grading Lines

  • Model l - Contractor for Single Fixed Cleaning System

    Model l - Contractor for Single Fixed Cleaning System

    The new simplified Contractor I (1800) offers a single fixed cleaning system resulting in a lower cost machine to the farmer and is available in 4 standard models (stars, multi-sep, coils or hydraulic rollers). The fixed cleaner concept along with other modifications such as a simple grading screen agitation system creates a cost effective, basic farm grader for growers but incorporates all the Herbert high quality design, components and build.

  • Interchange Units

    Interchange Units

    The interchangeable cleaning units allow a wide range of different cleaning modules to be selected based upon soil type, lifting conditions and crop. The customer has the choice to specify two or more cleaners for use should the conditions dictate.

  • Star Cleaner

    Star Cleaner

    The Herbert 7 row star cleaner incorporates unique features including 3 rows of adjustable stars and clod roller adjustment by simple lever mechanism whilst in operation ensuring efficient separation of clods and soil from product.

  • Clod Separator

    Clod Separator

    Herbert’s Mechanical Clod Separator removes clods from a mid size sample, and is available in a range of widths to suit customer requirements. The separator is fitted with a rotating stainless steel roller and belt presentation unit as standard, and offers several options including a manual inspection table for a 100% clod free sample.

  • Dry Brush Units

    Dry Brush Units

    Dry brushers offer an effective method of enhancing top surface finish of produce without the use of water.

  • Grader Module

    Grader Module

    The Herbert Grader module offers high capacity, accurate rotary screen grading and is available in multiple size configurations. The modules are very versatile and can be integrated into mobile systems, static lines, process intake facilities or used as stand alone single grading units.

  • Lift Roller Grader

    Lift Roller Grader

    Highly efficient, robust low maintenance grader for multiple sizing of potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions and other root crops.

  • Filling And Tipping Equipment

  • Gentle Flow Box Tipper

    Gentle Flow Box Tipper

    Single box tipping system with a corner pivot that gives a low drop discharge of product. Features a manually adjustable outfeed door and gentle discharge probe controls.