HERDER B.V. is located on Herculesweg 6, industrial zone “Arnestein 1” in Middelburg. In a well equipped and large working accommodation of approx. 10.000 m², hydraulically driven and very special machines are being designed and produced. About 85 enthusiastic and competent employees are dedicating themselves to construct as well as standard products and attachments with all options, and all measure made constructions to the customers wish. The customer can always find someone at HERDER B.V. who is a approachable and can think along and accepts the challenge of a special construction. The HERDER products find their way to government institutions, local authorities, district water boards and contractors all over the world through a network of dealers and agents in more than 30 countries.

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Herculesweg 6 , Middelburg , PL 4338 Netherlands
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)
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Herder develops and builds world-class versatile functional machines. We have been doing this for more than 60 years. Machines which are fabricated in the Netherlands. Over the years, Herder has grown to become a phenomenon. The best-selling brand in the global market for ditch, verge, tree and bank maintenance. Herder assures the highest quality, the best results, a long lifespan and ergonomically sound working practices. 

Doing business means looking to the future and taking risks. But today, running a business is also looking to the past and the excluding of risks. Opting for Herder is a safe choice. You will then not only opting for a machine you can count on for day and night reliability, but you also opting for a machine which is versatile in application. 

You can deploy a Herder just as easily at the waterside as well as along a motorway. A Herder will prove itself in all hard-to-reach areas. Herder ensures that you can work in the most extreme situations and that you have a variety of possible application at hand. With Herder you will therefore more than reach your goal, both as an user and a businessman.

You will agree with us; ditches, roads, verges, parks and other green areas need to be managed. Management extends the lifespan and provides for an attractive visual image. Currently, the management of open spaces is subject to ever-increasing requirements. This includes costs, quality and indeed, sustainability. What you do is just as important as how you do it. 

Within our vision, management is a question of control. Control of course begins with workmanship and expert knowledge. But control also implies having a clear picture over investments and returns. With control we, moreover, imply the pursuit of sustainable and responsible solutions, for humankind and nature. Users can therefore work in an ergonomically relaxed manner and because they have an overall view they can perform better and more safely. For the natural environment, we continually make use of new applications which allows for ergonomically sound management. A good example of this is the ecological cutter which has been built so that small animals and plants are spared during cutting and with which you therefore also comply with flora and fauna legislation. 

‘To manage is to control’ is how we see the world and it is from this outlook that we develop tools with which professionals can achieve this.

For more than 60 years we have been fabricating Herders which meet the specific preferences and requirements of our clients. Over the years we have fabricated more that 20,000 Herder machines and pieces of equipment which are deployed globally in the most diverse conditions. Herders are used in combination with nearly all brands of tractors and earth-moving equipment.

Besides the modifying of tractors and other vehicles, we are also increasingly being called upon to devise custom-made solutions for the management issues of our clients. Notably, this has resulted in recent years in new applications for the use of the Herder arm.

We no longer just supply cutting buckets, but also grass flail cutters and, for example, hedge mowers.  Consequently, the area of expertise of Herder has moved from the traditional waterside to the management of all types of open space. Notable within this is that the demand for the management of specific spheres of activity continues to increase. On the one hand, this can be explained by the fact that Herders are being deployed in more countries and, on the other hand, on account of pioneering technical applications.


Herder makes machines to order where the starting point is always one of customisation. However, we do  have a range which forms the best basis for your management issues. All these Herders have common features; they are reliable and have more than proved themselves in practice. Herders are made by hand and are constructed by specialists. The most powerful Herder machine is the Grenadier which makes it possible to carry out work under the most trying conditions. The Cavalier has been developed for the middle segment of the market. The Musketier is, on account of its unique Herder ground tracking system, especially suitable for working with a flail mower in verge management. The Kantonier is a self-propelled cutter suction combination, the ideal machine for the management of green shoulders along the motorways. With the Rapier you have the option to attach the entire piece of equipment to the 3-point linkage. It is of course possible to adapt the machine of your choice to your personal preferences and requirements. In this way we ensure that you can achieve more with Herder.


Since the summer of 2011, Herder BV has strengthened its product range with the Fermex stump grinders. The Herder plant in Middelburg will produce the stump grinders. This reinforces Herder's focus on providing solutions for the maintenance of landscapes and infrastructure.

Durability and reliability are words which are inextricably linked to a Herder. Original parts extend the lifespan and ensure that your machine continues to meet all the legal requirements. By using recognised dealers for maintenance and spare parts, you are assured that your Herder will continue to perform at its best in all conditions. In this way, down time is prevented as much as possible.  Should you nevertheless suffer a stoppage, then we will help you quickly on your way again with our unique parts service.