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  • Model AL-2 - Aqua Belt Filte

    Model AL-2 - Aqua Belt Filte

    Sludge treatment by AL-2 AQUA belt filte. In fish farming, there is always sludge that needs to be treated, in which the volume must be considered as local legislation in many countries enforces environmental fees etc, so it is an important economic aspect to keep the amount of sludge to a minimum. The AL-2 AQUA belt filter has proven to be an efficient system for sludge concentration, with up to 12% dry matter being achieved. A polymer is...

  • UV Radiation System

    UV Radiation System

    UV radiation at 254 nm is an efficient way to disinfect water; it has been proven that fish perform better when the stress factor caused by bacterial loading is kept at a minimum. CM Aqua offers an optimal solution based on its intimated knowledge on disease carrying agents.