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  • Squeezes

  • Parallel Axis Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Parallel Axis Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Designed to work hard so you don’t have to. Hi-Hog’s Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute is highly regarded for its effortless operation, efficient design, superior craftsmanship, and unmatched accessibility.

  • Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Work Safe, Work Smart, Work Efficiently with a Hi-Hog cattle chute Hi-Hog’s outstanding hydraulic cattle squeeze chute features simple, quick access to all parts of the animal from either side of the chute. For superior flow the headgate and tailgate open to the full width of the chute. The parallel design of the headgate will virtually eliminate choking. This is an excellent chute for the large cow/calf operation or a small feedlot. Funding is...

  • Head Gates

  • Self-Catch Calving Headgate

    Self-Catch Calving Headgate

    This heavy duty self-catch headgate, which is standard equipment in our Calving/Trimming chute and Calving Enclosure, can also be bolted to a set of posts. The economical calving headgate has many of the same features as our heavy duty Automatic PA cattle squeeze headgate.  Unlike the PA cattle squeeze head gate this head gate does not include sheet metal side guards or a head-tie-down chain. Both the headgate handle and the width adjustment drop...

  • Optional Neck Extender

    Optional Neck Extender

    The neck extender works seamlessly with the automatic head gate. This design minimizes livestock injury while maximizing handler safety and efficiency. Neck extenders are designed to reduce head movement and provide access to the neck for injections. But not all neck extenders are created equal. Many designs include a fixed neck extender bar that sits out from the automatic head gate.  This design will often result in the neck bar closing on the...

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  • Feed Equipment

  • Nifty - Feed Dispenser

    Nifty - Feed Dispenser

    The Nifty Feed Dispenser allows one person with a round bale handler, 3 PTH tractor, or Trailer style feeder, to load, transport and dispense grain, cake feed, pellets or supplements to livestock under range feeding conditions.

  • Nifty - Promold Winter Water Box

    Nifty - Promold Winter Water Box

    No Water to Freeze - No Water to Heat. For Dug out applications. Available as a Hybrid (solar & wind) system. Water is pumped by a mechanical timed switch on cow demand, utilizing generated power. Designed to work on a wet well. One water line draws from the dug out and a return line drains back any water not used.

  • Livestock ID

  • Nifty - Ritchey Ear Tags

    Nifty - Ritchey Ear Tags

    Ritchey ear tags are the original engravable 'Color-Layered' I.D. tags. An efficient hand held engraving tool lets you mark your tags permanently in seconds. Eliminates paint, ink, drying time and faded numbers.

  • Handling Equipment

  • Easy Dump Trash Bins

    Easy Dump Trash Bins

    The Easy Dump Garbage Bins are designed to adapt to any truck mounted round bale handler. The bin is made of steel, the lockable lid is made from molded plastic. The Easy Dump Garbage Bins are designed to adapt to any truck mounted round bale handler. The bin is made of steel, the lockable lid is made from molded plastic. They are clean, tidy, nice-looking and locking. The bin will hold 2½ cubic yards. Although designed as garbage bins, horse...