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  • Cattle Handling Equipment

  • Hi-Hog - Hydraulic Chutes

    Hi-Hog - Hydraulic Chutes

    Hi-Hog’s hydraulic cattle squeeze chute reduces livestock stress and increases efficient cattle handling all while keeping both stock and operator safe. At 2,100 pounds, you will be hard pressed to find a chute offering better value per pound.

  • Hi-Hog - Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes

    Hi-Hog - Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes

    Hi-Hog’s manual parallel axis (PA) squeeze chute is highly regarded for its effortless handling, highly efficient operation, simple, safe design, and unmatched accessibility. The Parallel Axis Squeeze chute comes with one of three head gate options. For those with dehorned or polled livestock, Hi-Hog offers the Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute with self-catch headgate on its own (1550), or paired with the self-catch head gate with an integrated neck...

  • Hi-Hog - Cattle Squeeze Trailer

    Hi-Hog - Cattle Squeeze Trailer

    Turn your stationary Hi-Hog cattle squeeze chute into a portable cattle chute with the addition of Hi-Hog’s squeeze chute trailer. With a mobile cattle chute you can share your chute with neighbors or transport your cattle chute from pasture to pasture.

  • Hi-Hog - Low Stress Neck Extender

    Hi-Hog - Low Stress Neck Extender

    Hi-Hog’s low stress neck extender offers superior access for performing neck injections. Hi-Hog’s neck extender is linked directly to Hi-Hog’s self-catch head gate which allows the neck extender to be activated by the animal’s shoulders at the same time the animal contacts the self-catch head gate. This minimizes the risk of stressing or injuring your livestock while allowing the animal to catch itself without a handler at the...

  • Hi-Hog - Manual Squeeze - Self Catch Head Gate

    Hi-Hog - Manual Squeeze - Self Catch Head Gate

    Hi-Hog’s reliable and efficient self-catch head gate lets the animal catch itself so you can use your time to work the animal (rather than the head gate). This head gate is included on our highly respected parallel axis cattle squeeze chute.

  • Hi-Hog - Calving Head Gate

    Hi-Hog - Calving Head Gate

    Hi-Hog’s reliable and efficient self-catch calving head gate lets the animal catch itself so you can use your time to work the animal (rather than the head gate). This head gate is included on both our calving enclosure and our calving/trimming chute.

  • Calving Equipment

  • Calving Maternity Pen

    Calving Maternity Pen

    Calving maternity pen with center mounted self-catch head gate provides unmatched accessiblity in a stable pen structure.

  • Calving Trimming Chute

    Calving Trimming Chute

    The versatile calving chute / trimming Chute is very popular with vet clinics, 4-H’ers, and ranchers.

  • Hi-Hog - Calf Tipping Table

    Hi-Hog - Calf Tipping Table

    Hi-Hog’s small animal tipping table is an ideal chute for handling stock such as calves and goats.The table comes with a self-catch, auto-return headgate. The table can be set up for either left or right hand operation.

Products by Nifty Livestock Equipment Ltd.

  • Feed Equipment

  • Nifty - Feed Dispenser

    Nifty - Feed Dispenser

    The Nifty Feed Dispenser allows one person with a round bale handler, 3 PTH tractor, or Trailer style feeder, to load, transport and dispense grain, cake feed, pellets or supplements to livestock under range feeding conditions.

  • Livestock ID

  • Nifty - Ritchey Ear Tags

    Nifty - Ritchey Ear Tags

    Ritchey ear tags are the original engravable 'Color-Layered' I.D. tags. An efficient hand held engraving tool lets you mark your tags permanently in seconds. Eliminates paint, ink, drying time and faded numbers.

  • Handling Equipment

  • Nifty - Promold Texas Shed

    Nifty - Promold Texas Shed

    The Promold Texas Shed offer the best in effective pest control for both cow/calf operations and feedlots. The 'Visual Maintenance' system save you both time and money, because the liquid only dispenses when rotated. This prevents any losses in liquid when cattle are not accessing the oilers.