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  • Effluent Ponds

    Effluent Ponds

    Need a Pond but don't know where to start? Some key questions you need to consider before getting started What size pond do you need? What should it be made of? What is important when constructing a pond? Where should the pond go? What equipment should go on the pond? We have significant experience in the sizing, positioning, construction and installation of Dairy Effluent Ponds and Tanks for our customers and industry. We have provided feedback to...

  • Uni Sprinkler

    Uni Sprinkler

    Need to spread your Dairy Effluent over a large area with a low application rate? Straight from your pond or sump, sometimes with no need to separate the solids, getting ALL of the nutrients onto your grass; the Hi-Tech Uni Sprinkler can be used alongside your irrigator using your existing system and hoses. The Hi-Tech Uni Sprinkler is a well proven and versatile sprinkler that is simple to use and fits easily into existing irrigation systems that...