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  • Hidrostal - Model F-Type - Eel & Fish Transfer Pumps

    Hidrostal - Model F-Type - Eel & Fish Transfer Pumps

    Hidrostal’s Eel and Fish Transfer Pumps are the ultimate solution for transferring large quantities of live fish without damage.  They can handle large volumes of fish with a relatively small size of pump: a ratio of circa 20%-30% fish to water is possible.  As a consequence, the power requirements of our Fish Transfer Pumps are relatively low.

  • Fish Protection Systems

    Fish Protection Systems

    Power plants and other industrial complexes often require large volumes of cooling water, which is usually extracted from nearby lakes, rivers or the sea.  In order to maximise the sustainability of these plants, fish protection systems are required in order reduce the environmental impact of their water intakes.  Fish Transfer Pumps have the potential to make a significant contribution to these fish protection systems.

  • Model V-Type - Eel & Fish Friendly Pumps

    Model V-Type - Eel & Fish Friendly Pumps

    Hidrostal’s Fish and Eel Friendly Pumps are larger than our F-Type pumps.  They are used when the objective is to pump a specified quantity of water that may contain live eels or fish.  The use of the Eel and Fish Friendly Pump will allow these creatures to pass freely through the pump without incurring any injury or stress.