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  • Hi-Way

  • Hi-Way Xzalt - Precision Applicator

    Hi-Way Xzalt - Precision Applicator

    Not your typical salt and sand spreader, the Hi-Way® Xzalt® delivers a 70:30 ratio of dry/liquid material, reducing salt usage while accelerating ice melt. The mixed material delivered produces less material bounce and improves adhesion to the road, virtually eliminating over-application on roadside shoulders.

  • Hi-Way - Model P - Small Truck

    Hi-Way - Model P - Small Truck

    Ideal for parking lots, schools, parks, alleys and intersections, the Model P spreader features a 10.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine and a heavy-duty 12-gauge body. In-cab controls including electric throttle with choke indicator light, conveyor start/stop switch and engine start/stop function, make spreading free flowing material efficient and easy, increasing your return on investment. Designed for use with trucks rated at 8600 GVWR, the...

  • Hi-Way - Model PS400 - Dump Bodies

    Hi-Way - Model PS400 - Dump Bodies

    Designed for a tandem-axle chassis, the PS400 features heavy-duty 10-gauge grade 50 sides, headsheet and tailgate as well as a 3/16” (4.88mm) AR 400 'one piece' floor with no cross members, resulting in a lighter-weight body. Standard features of the PS400 include seamless and outward sloped top rail, rub rail and horizontal braces; a 5' formed floor-to-side radius to prevent material build-up in corners; and 7-gauge grade 50 front and rear...

  • Hi-Way - Model SA-9 - Tailgates Spreader

    Hi-Way - Model SA-9 - Tailgates Spreader

    The Hi-Way SA-9 tailgate spreader is designed for winter deicing and year-round road maintenance. The auger conveys material to the left of the truck for centerline deicing and windrowing or to the right of the truck to berm roadsides and fill trenches with the material chute. Featuring a heavy-duty 7-gauge cover/back plate and a trough with 1/4' (6.44 mm) endplates, the SA-9 comes standard with a an 18' (46 cm) polyurethane spinner disc with six...

  • Hi-Way - Prewet System

    Hi-Way - Prewet System

    Available in electric manual, hydraulic closed loop and hydraulic series loop styles, Hi-Way's® Pre-Wet system is designed to meet your needs. Each style features high density polyethylene construction and non-corrosive plumbing for tailgate or V-box applications. The general features of the Pre-Wet system include high-density polyethylene with UV protection, top splash proof vent, liquid relief valve with gauge and non-corrosive plumbing.

  • Hi-Way - Snowplows for Varying Truck

    Hi-Way - Snowplows for Varying Truck

    Hi-Way offers a full line of snowplows for varying truck sizes. Our models include steel full-trip, poly trip edge, patrol and shelving wings, underbody, and one-way plows. All Hi-Way snowplows are built to handle the most rugged weather conditions.

Products by Paladin Attachments

  • Commercial Turf Mower

  • Model CTM - Commercial Turf Mower Angle Sweeper

    Model CTM - Commercial Turf Mower Angle Sweeper

    The CTM (Commercial Turf Mower Angle Sweeper - Mechanical Drive) is a mechanically designed sweeper for commercial turf mowers;  it is a great addition to be able use the mowers for snow removal in the off season.

  • Compact Tractor

  • Model 365 - Backhoe Attenuation

    Model 365 - Backhoe Attenuation

    Bradco's 365 Backhoe has a full 180° swing rotation with equal power in both directions. Built from 10 gauge high-strength 100ksi steel to minimize weight and increase strength for durability. The highback seat is adjustable vertically, as well as forward and backwards. Swing speed control allows the operator to adjust swing speed.

  • Model 3511B - Dual Cylinder Swing Backhoe System

    Model 3511B - Dual Cylinder Swing Backhoe System

    Dual cylinder swing system with cushioned stop design provides maximum power.  Provides optimum performance with 9 to 12 GPM hydraulic system.  Replaceable steel bushings in all major pivot points.  Standard swing speeds constrol.  Large diameter boom and dipper cylinder with cushioned stop design.

  • Dozer

  • Hydraulic Angle Dozer Blades

    Hydraulic Angle Dozer Blades

    Hydraulic Angle Blades consist of moldboard, A-frame, two reversing cylinders, cab controlled quick reversing action and infinite adjustments between right and left limits.  Hydraulic Angle Blades angle through 25 degrees left to 25 degrees right with control form the cab. Typical uses include: work on mountain roads, airports, parking lots, plant facilities, rural and urban roads.

  • Excavator

  • Model CP - V Bottom Bucket

    Model CP - V Bottom Bucket

    The CP 'V' Bottom Bucket is used for digging in heavy rock conditions (some refer to these as rock buckets, others refer to them as severe duty rock buckets). The 'V' at the bottom of the buckets makes them good for laying pipe.

  • Bale Handling

  • Bale Carriage

    Bale Carriage

    Bale Carriage is designed with four 45 inch tapered tines for handling large square bales.

  • Bradco - Bale Grab

    Bradco - Bale Grab

    The Bale Grab is designed to pick up and transport large square bales, it will handle 3- 4ft square bales or 4- 2ft square bales.