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  • Hepatica Japonica

    Hepatica Japonica

    Seedlings from plants we aquired from a Japanese hepatica breeder. The flowers are an outstanding and variable mix of pinks, blues and purples. Leaves may be heavily patterned. Plants are typically shipped before they bloom so we can not accomodate preferences for flower color. Zones 4-6. 4-6 in. Full to part shade. Moist, well-drained soil. We are offering good sized plants that will bloom this spring.

  • Paeonia Mairei

    Paeonia Mairei

    This is the first Peony to bloom in the spring. The flowers start off dark pink and get lighter after it opens up. They have a delightful fragrance and sit above attractive, deeply veined shiny green foliage. We are offering 4-year-old bare root plants that are one to two years away from blooming depending on how they settle in to their new surroundings. Zones 4-6. 20-30” Moist well-drained soil. Shade to Part Shade