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  • Milling & Mixing Systems

  • Feed Mixer

    Feed Mixer

    The heart of every HIMEL feed mixer is highly effective pressurized mixing system (Mixing auger in steel cylinders) with a mixing accuracy of 1:100,000. The mix slips it down evenly and will always be from the jacketed screw again moved up and spread. The mixing time is depending on mixer size from 3 to 15 minutes. The dosing out takes about 10 minutes (depending on the sampling device). Be additional components such as minerals supplied via the...

  • Blower Mills

    Blower Mills

    The GMS series blower mills carry milled grain meal in the gentle air flow up to 60 m wide. Ground material is from a long distance via hand-operated or motor-operated suction valves, a suction-feed device sucked with funnel or a movable suction-feed device. The HIMEL GMS is especially suitable for use in mixing systems and computer controlled grinding and mixing systems, but also for individual operation. Mix up to a rate of 3000 kg / h promoted the...

  • Grain Squeezing Machine

    Grain Squeezing Machine

    When feeding crushing grain, the amount of feed is reduced by up to 25%, with the same result feeding versus non-squeezed grain. Thus, there are significantly lower feed costs and it must be purchased no expensive food With E. motors from 3.0 to 15 kW process HIMEL Grain crushers up to 3600 kg per hour rolled goods. Hardened cast iron rolls work hard rolled goods to high line feed. Crimping chuck can be made fresh and has no loss of vitamins and...

  • Grain Systems

  • Model HIMEL - Precleaner

    Model HIMEL - Precleaner

    With the HIMEL precleaner you get a clean cleaning grain, corn, canola or similar legumes. When using the pre-cleaner with its strong high-pressure suction fan disconnect very effective your precious legumes of annoying proportions straw, dust, chaff and other light debris. The pre-cleaner works on the principle of air classifier. About a precisely adjustable inlet cone (V25) the cleaned enters the general body cleaning and the grain moves...

  • Grain Cannon

    Grain Cannon

    Grain cannon are equipped with a large hopper and volume regulation. They can be used mobile with a chassis or through a height-adjustable suspension. The strong drive stations are fitted as standard in grain gun down the large feed hopper and the auger above.

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are installed vertically to a height of 30m as the central elevator. With low power requirement to reach depending on cup placement services from 25 to 120to / h (On request up 250to / h).

  • Storage Systems

  • Rectangular Storage Silos

    Rectangular Storage Silos

    Rectangular storage silos uses the storage space almost completely and provide solution for all space problems. Compared to round silos they provide up to 35% more capacity, and are flexible irregular floor plans and Accommodate ceiling heights. The silo plates measuring 1320x1030mm and are made of galvanized metal. Available in three different versions, normal (N), amplified (V), heavily fortified (SV). These can be built up to a maximum of 9.24m...