HK Horticultural Knowledge srl

HK Horticultural Knowledge ltd was formed in 2011 by a group of ecophysiologists that work or have spent several post-doc years at the University of Bologna. Most of us are under 35 years old. Although quite different for interests and research expertises, we share a very strong passion for research in horticulture. The work carried out within the university programs provides us with strong skills in the planning and execution of research projects and in the analysis of the data. Our long-term objective is to bring innovation developed in the lab to the orchard, as much as possible! We believe this is a time when great improvements in sustainability of fruit production systems can be matched with sustained production of top quality fruit. To make this happen is our goal.

Company details

via Titta Ruffo 7 c/o Studio Medici , Bologna , 40141 Italy

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Horticulture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Our mission is headed in three directions:

  • To raise growers’ awareness of the potential impact on orchard profitability of precise fruit growing, both to improve the control of the process and for the forecast information. We strive towards this goal by direct information to the growers, through articles published both on scientific and growers journals, and participation to meetings.
  • We develop and disseminate products and services tailored to progressive growers, who are interested in meeting market demands through the adoption of innovation.
  • As we build on our university background, we are capable of creating a link between academia and production world, through a pipeline that develops innovative knowledge at one end, and funnels it to its uptakers at the other.