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  • Heaters

  • Model HHB - Hot Air Heater Oil

    Model HHB - Hot Air Heater Oil

    Deliverable in 40, 70, 100 and 120 KW. deliverable in natural gas or propane gas. Rust resistant chromium steel housing. Heat resistant stainless steel combustion chamber. Optimum air output and minimum noise production. Air inflow ring at the ventilator. Electrical ignition. Ionization flame protection. Burner control and gas distribution block built in IP65 boxes; protected against water.

  • Fans

  • Model CAF45 - Recirculation Fans

    Model CAF45 - Recirculation Fans

    Recirculation fan built in a white powder coated aluminium housing with air inflow ring  for reducing temperature differences in greenhouses and poly tunnels.

  • Gable Wall Ventilator

    Gable Wall Ventilator

    Especially for exhausting of excessive CO2 levels or reducing the relative humidity (RH).