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  • Rotary 1 Transplanter

    Rotary 1 Transplanter

    For planting greenhouse tray plug plants, our rotary planting unit is number one in it's field. That's why we call it the Rotary One. With only one operator, this efficient machine will plant more than 60 plants per minute. After an initial setting is made to fit your desired depth and plant spacing, plants are dropped into the rotating cups and the planter does the rest. Spacing and plant depth are both very uniform. This transplanter can be used as...

  • Conventional Transplanters

  • Model 1500 - Conventional Transplanters

    Model 1500 - Conventional Transplanters

    Quality designed for time proven results. Quality design, workmanship and materials have made our conventional bare root transplanters the proven leaders for over 65 years. These three models can plant over 50 plants per minute, depending on plant spacings. Two operators feed the seedlings into rubber grippers which hold and protect the plant as it is guided into the furrow. A variety of optional plant holders are available for different type of...

  • Model Fwd1500

    Model Fwd1500

    The large front wheel drive tire eliminates sliding in dry, sandy and loose soil conditions by using the front wheel to power the planter.

  • MODEL 1600

    MODEL 1600

    Model 1600 can be mounted on any type tool bar for three point mounted multi row planting arrangements where fertilizer attatchments are not being used.

  • Multi Row Main Frames

  • Model 1302Hc

    Model 1302Hc

    Our Model 1302HC Main Frame is ideal for mounting two rotary or conventional planter units as a tractor drawn two row transplanter. It can be purchased with an optional 300 gallon water barrel and/or a fertilizer attachment with a capacity of up to 400 pounds of granular fertilizer. To give plenty of clearance at row ends, hydraulics will raise the entire frame (including all planters and attachments).