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  • WeedSeeker


    With the Homburg WeedSeeker, you can save up to 90% on the cost of weed killers. Thanks to the fully automatic seek & spray system, the WeedSeeker sprays the weed only and leaves the soil undisturbed. The seek & spray system consists of an infrared weed sensor linked to the dosed controls of the spray nozzle. The benefits of this system are obvious: selective spraying according to the DOB method, fast acting at low costs, and minimum...

  • GreenSeeker


    Fertilising crops requires precision. The amount of nitrogen often varies within one and the same parcel of land. This will require a variable amount of fertiliser at various locations. GreenSeeker® is an ideal precision application for agricultural purposes on the basis of infrared measurement, optimising the yield of your crops. GreenSeeker® can also be used for desiccation of potatoes and administering pesticides.