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  • Delta Homburg - Draincleaner

    Delta Homburg - Draincleaner

    Homburg Draincleaner DELTA provides greater ease of operation. Compared to the Homburg Draincleaner JUNIOR the DELTA version also offers hydraulically operated height adjustment, extension, retraction and folding of the drainage arm, and length adjustment of the guide arm.

  • Senior Homburg - Draincleaner

    Senior Homburg - Draincleaner

    Homburg Draincleaner SENIOR is the professional machine of choice for contractors and businesses specialised in drainage maintenance work. Homburg Draincleaner SENIOR is easy and comfortable to use because many of its operations are hydraulic, such as folding in and out, height adjustment, swivelling sideways, and extension and retraction. The SENIOR comes with a 300-metre hose as a standard feature but can also be supplied with a 500-metre hose....

  • Rodding Equipment

    Rodding Equipment

    Continuous rod (often referred to as a cobra. High quality fibre glass rod helically wound giving good adhesion properties for the abrasive resistent outer polyethylene coating. Fitted as standard with two threaded connectors and a guide tip to attach the draw rope to. Used for pushing into the duct and indispensable for installing drawropes and for pulling in winch ropes or even light cables.