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  • Agricultural Uses

    The AgDrone System provides unparalleled access to high resolution aerial information that can be acquired anytime, anywhere. With HoneyComb Farm, our cloud-based data services, maintaining and evaluating information is easy and always accessible. Systems have been deployed across a range of use cases including crop management, land surveying, insurance claims, crop forecasting, and environmental monitoring, to name a few.

  • Insurance Monitoring Services

    Insurance Monitoring Services

    Estimate weather related crop damage. Measure impacted areas and losses. Quickly gather proof of damage. Reduce uncertainty in the claim process. Verify replanting and report compliance.

  • Crop Management Services

    Crop Management Services

    Establish field zones during season. Guide field scouting, and save time. Identify the onset of pest or disease. Monitor impact of pesticide application. Evaluate and review irrigation practices. Identify field changes throughout season. See multiple seasons of data and review.

  • Land Surveying Services

    Land Surveying Services

    Verify land condition and generate maps. Estimate value based on historical data. Plan new development with imagery. Visually identify invasive plant species. Measure organic/non-organic buffers. Document land conservation practices. Regularly monitor land conditions.

  • Yield Forecasting Services

    Yield Forecasting Services

    Estimate stand density and coverage. Identify stages of growth and fruiting. Monitor growth rates during the season. Use NDVI to identify vigorous areas. In some cases, estimate vegetable/fruit.