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  • Ecotec Range - Biomass Chippers

  • Model TBC 435 - Whole Tree Chipper

    Model TBC 435 - Whole Tree Chipper

    TEE industrial wood chippers are the most productive and reliable wood chippers in the world and the TBC 435 is no exception. This compact and reliable whole tree chipper consistently out-produces the competition by up to 50% on a daily basis and has a high-production capability of 100-plus tons per hour.

  • Ecotec Range - Windrow Turner

  • Model TWT 500 - Windrow Turner

    Model TWT 500 - Windrow Turner

    Provided with optimized features for economic efficiency and performance, the TWT 500 is the ideal windrow turner for operators who recycle great amounts of waste in confined spaces. This windrow turner provides the best possible control of the composting process, which makes for an economically-friendly operation.

  • Material Transfer Devices

    The Terex MS2 windrow pickup machine is a low-cost alterative to material transfer vehicles. Similar to MTVs, the MS2 establishes continuous, non-contact paving mat quality. Contractors also realize a reduction in segregation by using the MS2, especially truck end segregation. The Terex MS4 material transfer device delivers non-stop paving and asphalt reblending for improved mat quality. Similar to the MS2, the MS4 attaches to and is maneuvered by the paver, eliminating the need for an addit