Together with global partners, Hoogendoorn delivers sustainable automation solutions that seamlessly coordinate all processes and systems in your horticultural organization. The modular software ensures that the available resources such as natural gas, fertilizers and water are used as efficiently as possible. With this, Hoogendoorn helps its clients to minimize (energy) costs and CO2 emissions and to maximize crop profitability. Our years of experience and worldwide expertise have led to a complete range of efficient, integrated total solutions that can be applied in every horticultural business in the world. We offer solutions in the areas of climate management, water management, energy management and data management.

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Westlandseweg 190 , Vlaardingen , 3131 HX Netherlands
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Software vendor
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Globally (various continents)
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From 1967 to Date
Hoogendoorn started as a small technical installation company and has grown into an international automation company active worldwide. In 1974, Hoogendoorn was the first in the world to bring a digital horticultural computer to market. Since then, Hoogendoorn has produced the most advanced process computers and cultivation and business registration systems that contribute to a sustainable approach to water, climate and energy. With a partner network distributed across each continent, our trained specialists support all customers with knowledgeable product recommendations, training and the provision of service.


We believe that cooperation and sharing knowledge contribute to innovation and growth. Therefore, we develop our automation solutions in close cooperation with our customers, local partners, sector organizations, universities and research institutes. By sharing knowledge, we are better able to produce innovative and user-friendly solutions that maximize the quality of the product and crop efficiency. Sustainable and safe production are important principles in our partnerships.

International partnership programs
Together with other leading Dutch horticultural suppliers, Hoogendoorn participates in various partnership programs. The member cluster partners complement each other in the areas of technology, knowledge and experience. The objective of these programs is to strengthen the export position of Dutch horticultural products and services and to start up and/or strengthen cooperation with local partners in the areas of research, development and production.

Solutions applicable worldwide
By combining strengths, Dutch horticultural solutions are better tailored to local circumstances. In this manner, our solutions can be applied successfully anywhere in the world. Due partly to this, we are the market leader in process automation in the horticultural sector.

Every year, 15% of the turnover is used for product innovation and development. Our own R&D department works closely with innovative customers and leading universities worldwide. Innovations from Hoogendoorn are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and hardware and produced according to international quality standards.

Quality management
Next to sustainability and user-friendliness, quality is an important principle for our innovations. The Hoogendoorn systems have a long lifespan due to the use of highly durable industrial hardware. Moreover, all systems are easy to upgrade with the latest software. As a result, this makes our automation solutions a long-term investment with a high return on investment. To secure constant quality of our products and processes, Hoogendoorn is ISO 9001 and Horti-Q certified, and UL Listed.

ISO 9001 quality management systems certified
ISO 9001 is the Internationally Recognized Standard for Quality Management Systems. With a systematic and process driven approach to managing our business, a consistent level of quality and satisfaction is delivered.

Hardware quality Horti-Q certified BRL 8001
HortiQ is an independent and reliable certificate of quality that gives you the certainty that all products have been produced according to strict technical requirements and that these meet international standards.

UL listed
UL listed means that products meet UL safety standards. All products are tested on validated performance, environmental health and sustainability.