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  • i4All - Smart Crop Monitoring System

    i4All - Smart Crop Monitoring System

    The i4All is Hoogendoorn’s newest mobile sensor setup, available in two versions: “Open Field” and “Greenhouse”. The i4All sensors measure and record the growth conditions of your outdoor cultivation and protected crop, both above ground and subsurface. This measurement data, sent via a GPRS transmitter, is the basis for the improvement of your crop’s production and quality and for controlled irrigation.

  • Sensors for Process Control System

    Sensors for Process Control System

    Sensors are an essential component in every process control system. Without measurements, controls cannot be managed efficiently. Hoogendoorn offers a wide range of sensors. In addition to simple sensors for measuring water and air temperature, we also supply advanced sensors to determine microclimate and the activity of your crop. Plants grow best when the supply of energy (sunshine or lighting) and the availability of water, nutrients and CO2 are in...