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  • WEB-TX4 Field Monitoring Station

    WEB-TX4 Field Monitoring Station

    Hortau’s WEB-TX4 Field Monitoring Station is the most accurate and dependable real-time reporting station on the market. The compact yet rugged unit can be used in any crop, from row to permanent crops, and operates year-round in any growing environment. Each WEB-TX4 runs independently via solar power and has four ports for Hortau’s expansive list of field sensors (listed below). Using cell phone data networks and the most dependable web...

  • Automation Technology

    Automation Technology

    Want to start your diesel or electric motors from your mobile device? Hortau’s state of the art Field Control Unit allows growers to do just that, remotely opening and closing valves and firing up engines for the irrigation block of your choosing. The control unit also reads flow meters and pressure in the irrigation lines, bringing you a full dashboard of your various pumping stations. Hortau’s AutoMate Technology is a complete and rugged...

  • Irrolis Cloud-Based Irrigation Management Software

    Irrolis Cloud-Based Irrigation Management Software

    Hortau’s easy-to-use software puts the user first, simplifying key metrics and clearly identifying the optimal growing environment for your specific crop. The system securely captures and reports data in real-time from any of the stations above, giving owners and ranch managers better visibility into their most prized assets (land and crops), as well as their day-to-day farming operations. Irrolis has also been optimized for mobile devices and...

  • Sensors


    Soil Tension: Hortau has the most advanced soil tension sensor technology on the market, giving you a precise measurement for irrigation management in every crop, soil type and irrigation system.