Horticultural Building System

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  • HBS - Benching and Transport System

    HBS - Benching and Transport System

    HBS has joint forces with well known Dutch company KG Systems to provide British growers with a locally based contact for high quality transport and benching systems. At HBS Designs we can supply custom design benching and transport systems for all our growers – giving them the opportunity to realise substantial savings and efficiencies. To enable this we act as the UK agent for KG Systems.NL

  • HBS - Hot Air Heating Equipment

    HBS - Hot Air Heating Equipment

    HBS Designs are pleased to be recognised as the only registered UK supplier for Hollands Heaters. Hollands Heaters are one of the World’s leading manufacturers of CO2 and hot air heating equipment, combining 30 years experience with an innovative mindset. Holland Heaters meet the strictest requirements that a grower can make with regard to efficiency, reliability and safety. A CO2 or heat gun Holland Heater is designed for years of carefree use....

  • HBS - Presentation and Modular Design Tables

    HBS - Presentation and Modular Design Tables

    HBS Designs are the only recognised UK supplier of Dutch WEVAB Solutions part of the CODEMA Systems Group, the worldwide market leader in the area of innovative logistics systems, management and control software and custom-made products for (greenhouse) horticulture. WEVAB specialises in the design and manufacturing of presentation tables with numerous customised products, providing flexible solutions that are highly sought after by the horticulture...

  • HBS - Commercial Glasshouse

    HBS - Commercial Glasshouse

    For the production glasshouse and commercial grower we can offer a wide range of services. From new build or renovation to a full maintenance service. We Incorporate leading glasshouse technologies into our projects and all commercial glasshouse structures offer the very latest storm protection and are all designed and built to the relevant UK and European standards.