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  • Electro and Artificial Lighting

    Electro and Artificial Lighting

    With the introduction of climate computers, artificial lighting, internal transport and automation, the importance of electrical installations in a greenhouse environment only grew. Electrical engineering is becoming more and more important. Given the vital importance of electrical installations, reliability and sustainability are key factors. The choice for the right components, clever engineering and a fast and accurate after sales service...

  • Mobile Gully Systems (MGS)

    Mobile Gully Systems (MGS)

    World wide Hortiplan is the market leader for mobile gully systems for growing leafy greens. This growing system, in which gullies with plants in them move in an automated way from the planting side to the harvesting station, makes  hydroponic growing of leafy greens and herbs possible since more than 20 years.

  • Climate Control System

    Climate Control System

    In a greenhouse operation, it is all about the crop. Reaching the best possible result starts with a proper climate control. Complicated growing processes need to be made intelligible and controlable.

  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    Water plays a prominent role in a modern greenhouse operation. Without enough water of good quality, a good crop is hard to achieve. Storage, treatment, enrichment with nutrients and distribution are crucially important.