Hortiplan N.V.

Hortiplan N.V.

The horticultural industry has changed a lot throughout the years. Upscaling and technical innovation continue to have a big impact on how greenhouse operations are being run. Since a modern greenhouse operation is more dependant on technology, the choice for quality materials is clear. On top of that, a standard solution doesn`t do anymore : every project is tailor made. And a fast and excellent service is crucial. Hortiplan NV provides agricultural engineering services. The Company specializes in installation of electrical, sound devices, lighting, mobile gully systems, greenhouse automation, irrigation equipment, container fields, and logistical solutions. Hortiplan conducts business worldwide.

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Drevendaal 9 , Sint-Katelijne-Wave , B-2860 Belgium

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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As a supplier, Hortiplan meets with all these expectations. Our biggest added value is our staff. Their dedication, motivation and 'drive' makes the difference. It makes us deliver every project according to plan and schedule and arranges for us to excel in after sales service. Our people do not only know their job : they are also familiar with yours.

This makes Hortiplan a lot more than just a supplier. We are an experienced, reliable partner for our customers, always ready to deliver innovative solutions. 

At Hortiplan, you buy so much more than just an installation. We offer reliability and dedication, again and again.

The number 1 in client orientated business

Hortiplan is a daughter of the group Aveve and responsible to be the reliable and innovative partner for the horticulture, specialised in investmentgoods and -projects. The strategy and knowlegde of Hortiplan is put into business totally autonomous but we can count on the support of a strong group as Aveve, which is the absolute leader in agri- and horticulture in Belgium.

During the last years Hortiplan has known a significant growth. This is totally due to the dynamism of our team. A team which garanties you an extreme client orientated service thanks to her:

  • Extreme high flexibility
  • Solutions specific for each entreprise
  • Continuous education of our highly qualificated employees
  • ideal mix of technical knowledge and affinity for the horticulture

Logistical solutions

Besides climate control, electrical engineering and irrigation technology, modern greenhouse operations also have a need for technolgy that allows them to save on labour cost.

Hortiplan has specific solutions regarding automation, mainly, though not exclusively, linked to the mobile gully system. It are solutions for both planting and harvesting. Derived installations can also be used in a different environment like plant nurseries or other similar operations.