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We recognizes the significance of agriculture in  food security, poverty reduction,economic growth, and long-term environment sustainability. Our company  therefore promotes profitable agriculture  for employment creation, income generation, food security, and economic development in Kenya. Our operations mainly targets all  Kenyans who for a long time have been notably absent from agriculture activities.

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Road A, Off Enterprise Road, Industrial Area. P. O. BOX 38974 , NAIROBI , Nairobi 00623 Kenya

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Nationally (across the country)

Agriculture industry without, innovation and passion is doomed. The current impacts of climate change have caught up with us, making climate change mitigation and adaptation essential  for sustainable development. We strongly believe that people from both rural and urban settings of all ages, ethnicity,gender and abilities must be involved in creating better agriculture  systems.

We have the knowledge,  resources and innovative solutions to empower you into a profitable ago-business today

Hortipro Limited is one of the first companies in East Africa that have fully ventured into the business of providing quality, custom Hortipro-tunnels.

Our goal is to provide you with strong, quality tunnels, greenhouses, carports, storage buildings, awnings, etc.  Our tunnels will survive any weather. Keep this in mind when shopping around

We have many different sizes of pipe, tubing and greenhouses and tunnels. We do not sell the “prepackaged, one size fits all” house.  We build what you want.
We have no high overhead to costs to pass along, we strive to provide you with affordable pipe, tubing and quality work.

Our Products &  Services

  • Greenhouses
  • High Tunnels
  • Storage Sheds
  • Nursery Holding House
  • Multipurpose tunnels

Our Service:

Wherever possible we survey the site and examine the pre-construction or if the grower is an experienced tunnel grower we get information from the grower for his requirement

Exact bay sizes and tunnel heights are made to grower’s requirements, and there is a full range of legs for different soil and stone conditions

Everything you need is supplied; construction manual, steel frame, polythene, rope, wire, clips, clamps, doors and side skirts

All new growers receive construction training on the farm with their first consignment of tunnels

These Structure is developed for easy installation and very well designed so that there is no complication for the growers, there is very minimal parts clamps, therefore there is a very limited chance of maintenance or failure, but still, there is a full technical backup service, a full range of spares and the continuous dissemination of labour saving ideas to customer.


HortiPro tunnel is for crops, which needs low cost protection during spring, summer and early autumn. These are used for Growing Flowers such as Carnation, Lilies, summer flowers, strawberries and high value vegetable crops.

The steel structure is a Combination of Hot Dip galvanized 40 mm steel and fiber reinforced Galvanized wire rope system incorporates all the relevant innovations as per the design consideration with a Galvanized wire rope on top of the arch with wire clips.

HortiPro tunnel has a special made plastic clamps & GI Profile for fixing the plastics to the 40mm pipe. HortiPro tunnel comes with a specially made Film hold Clip of 10 mm wide band and 1 mm thick, which holds the plastics from flattering, and it does not cause any damage to the plastic by the friction caused due to flattering.

Frame constructed using 40 mm steel Tunnel Leg Constructed using 40mm Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Bay width from 8.0m (24 ft)

Built on 40 mm Ø m legs

Open-end kit strut system enabling full tractor access

Wire bracing system using a metal reinforced plastic strip stringing between top, leg and star wire systems

All steel pre-galvanized both outside and inside the steel tube

Plastics Film 150 Micron polythene are provided

HortiPro Tunnel is the model of the tunnel constructed using 40 mm pre-galvanized steel, which is 25% extra strong (XS) than the conventional tunnels. The tunnel includes the latest leg designs with options for 1.5m (M), 2m (6.5ft) or 2.5m (8ft) legs. Growers, growing Flowers such as Carnation, Lilies, summer flowers, strawberries and high value vegetable crops, use this Model of HortiPro Tunnel .

The HortiPro Tunnel incorporates all the latest innovations in terms of leg designs, top wire dips, hinge clamps, roping system and open-end kits.


Frame constructed using 40 mm steel – which is 25% extra strong (XS) than other conventional Tunnels

Bay width 8.0rn (28ft)

Built on 2.25rn (7.4ft) legs or 2.75 M (9 feet) legs

Height 4.5 or 5.0 M at Center

Open-end kit strut system enabling full tractor access

Latest innovation Plastic holding Wire bracing system using a metal reinforced plastic strip stringing between top, leg and star wire systems

Options for steel top gantry rail to increase strength and to enable the use of pallet carrying trolleys, harvesting trolleys etc

All steel fully pre-galvanized both outside and inside the steel tube

Options for gutter systems

Hi-Tech Plastics polythene

Swenson shade net or insect net supplied

Optional 40mm steel top gantry rail provides options for pallet carrying and harvesting trolleys as well as other trolley and spraying systems.