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  • Irrigation

    At Hortisystems we have many years experience in the design and supply of irrigation systems for nursery stock and all types of protected cropping in the UK. Our range of components includes PVC and PE pipe and fittings, drip feed, sprinklers and nozzles, layflat systems, overhead spraylines, pumps, tanks, sand filters and controllers.

  • PVC Drain Valves

    PVC Drain Valves

    Drains water from spraylines to prevent dripping from nozzles. PVC body with rubber seal and stainless steel spring. Use drain tube to prevent splash and to recover water. May be fitted in-line with tee or at end with elbow.

  • Screening

    Hortisystems have been supplying and installing shading and thermal screens for commercial horticulture and garden centres for more than 20 years. We supply DIY screens, with as much help as you need just a phone call away. We stock a full range of spares for routine maintenance or breakdowns. Material can be ordered to exact sizes and normally delivered within one or two weeks.

  • Model RW45 - Medium Duty Motor Gearboxes

    Model RW45 - Medium Duty Motor Gearboxes

    Medium duty motor gearboxes fitted with a double sided output shaft which connects to the torque tube with chain couplings. Built in linear limit switch and emergency stop. Option for installation of a multi-turn potentiometer to give position feedback for computer control.

  • Manual Screen Guide Carriage

    Manual Screen Guide Carriage

    A guide carriage assembly which incorporates a manual winch for use on centre rolling screens. The guide runs on a 27mm guide tube.

  • Hortisystems  - Greenhouses Fan

    Hortisystems - Greenhouses Fan

    Hortisystems are UK agents for Multifan, manufacturers of high quality greenhouse air circulating fans, extractor wall fans and related control equipment. The circulating fans come in two diameters, 40 cm or 50 cm with non-corroding heavy duty plastic bodies and stainless steel fastenings. The fans have been designed with a particularly narrow profile to minimise crop shading and are finished in white for light reflection. They come with a three...

Products by HortiMaX B.V.

  • Climate and Energy

  • HortiMaX - Model CX500 - Custom Built Controller

    HortiMaX - Model CX500 - Custom Built Controller

    The use of ‘Dutch’ horticultural technology frequently proves unsuccessful outside the Netherlands, because the technology is not suitable for the climate conditions in those countries, or the knowledge level or culture of the user. Every climate and country requires a particular solution. The HortiMaX CX500 was designed on this basis, making it the standard in adaptive greenhouse technology. The system is customizable,...

  • HortiMaX  - Model Go - All-in-One Greenhouse Controller

    HortiMaX - Model Go - All-in-One Greenhouse Controller

    The affordable, all-in-one greenhouse controller . The HortiMaX-Go is the all-new smart greenhouse controller. It is a modern, user-friendly and affordable horticultural computer for controlling both your greenhouse climate and irrigation. It is easy to customize by choosing unique ‘Smart Switches’ that can be installed in a plug-and-play fashion.

  • Clima - Model 300 - Climate Controller

    Clima - Model 300 - Climate Controller

    The ideal climate controller for mid-size operations. The HortiMaX Clima 300 is the most cost-effective heating, ventilation and screen control solution, specifically designed for greenhouse operations with 3 blocks or compartments, or less.

  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensors (PAR)

    Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensors (PAR)

    Measure the light needed for growth with the PAR sensor. Plants cannot grow without light in the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum. Together with CO2 and water, PAR is the main factor necessary for photosynthesis. The more PAR a plant receives, the more potential that plant has for growth. A PAR sensor is a quantum sensor that measures the number of photons in the PAR spectrum, which is light with a...

  • Model PT - Precise Plant Temperature Sensor

    Model PT - Precise Plant Temperature Sensor

    HortiMaX’s plant temperature sensor allows you to accurately measure the temperature of your crop. The PT sensor measures the temperature of a representative number of plants in an area of 5 to 10m2. Since the crop temperature tends to differ significantly from the ambient temperature, the PT sensor enables you to better monitor and control your crop’s development. It does so by measuring the temperature at the top of the crop, which to a...

  • Water and Nutrition

  • FertiMiX - Custom Built Fertigation Unit

    FertiMiX - Custom Built Fertigation Unit

    The HortiMaX FertiMiX Custom is a fertigation unit that is custom-built to your individual needs. In addition to more controller options, this unit offers the widest range of system options of all our FertiMiX models.

  • Aqua - Model CX300 - Controller

    Aqua - Model CX300 - Controller

    The HortiMaX Aqua CX300 is highly suitable for controlling a wide range of sprinkler (indoor or outdoor), fogging and drip irrigation systems, involving hydroponic or substrate growing media. The Aqua CX300 ensures that your crop will receive the right amount of water, with the right blend of nutrients, at the right times. Thanks to its many configuration options, this fertigation controller can be tailored to the exact needs of your greenhouse...

  • Labour and Productivity

  • HortiMaX  - Fixed Labour and Harvest Registration Terminal Systems

    HortiMaX - Fixed Labour and Harvest Registration Terminal Systems

    HortiMaX has developed a robust input terminal for labour and harvest registration systems. Fixed input terminals with removable terminals allow workers to quickly reach an input terminal after completing an activity (such as harvesting). Another benefit of this type of terminal is that you need fewer terminals than terminal holders. The terminal holders are designed to recharge the terminals and enable data communication via your network.  Each...

  • Operation and Analysis

  • CropView - Combines Modern Digital Photography Camera

    CropView - Combines Modern Digital Photography Camera

    CropView is a unique solution that allows you to keep track of your crop’s development. CropView combines modern digital photography and computerized environmental control, so you can analyse both your crop’s current condition and its growth over time. This is all done in unrivalled detail, and available whenever and wherever you want. In-depth field tests have already shown that CropView can result in substantial cost savings in both...