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  • Heating

  • Hotbox Sirocco - Greenhouse Heater

    Hotbox Sirocco - Greenhouse Heater

    Following into the footsteps of the Hotbox Superb, but by no means standing in its shadow. The Hotbox Sirocco has all the advantages and privileges of being “born” into the established Hotbox fold, ie a modern design, accurate thermostatic control, a powerful 1.8kW motor as well as our standard 2 year guarantee.

  • Gas Hotbox - Gas Greenhouse Heater

    Gas Hotbox - Gas Greenhouse Heater

    A 40,000 BTHU / 11.5 kW Propane or Natural Gas Greenhouse Heater.The Gas Hotbox is a very popular greenhouse heater which operates on either propane or natural gas. Thermostatically controlled, it is ideal for providing frost protection for up to 100m². Of lightweight, durable construction, the Gas Hotbox is portable, easy to use and energy efficient. For larger areas, several Gas Hotboxes can be used, all connected to a single gas supply.

  • Air Circulation

  • HotBox Superb - Dual Output Fan Heater

    HotBox Superb - Dual Output Fan Heater

    The HotBox Superb is a 2.7kW electronic Fan Heater. With Winter and Summer settings, it can help to keep your glasshouse cool or warm depending on the season.

  • CO2 Generation

  • Hotbox  - CO2 Generator

    Hotbox - CO2 Generator

    Hotbox CO2 Generators enrich the atmosphere and encourage plant growth. There are three models to choose from, suitable for growing areas ranging from 20m² to 4000m²

  • Propagation

  • Hotbox - Growbox

    Hotbox - Growbox

    A bench top, enclosed propagation cabinet designed for plant propagation and seed germination. Provides an enclosed, controlled environment as required for rooting of cuttings and seed germination.