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  • Slave Units

  • Model EKU-N - Slave Units

    Model EKU-N - Slave Units

    The EKU-N is a slave unit to control, for instance, air inlet motors and is available for single phase as well as three phase motors.

  • ORION-EGG - In / Output Module

    ORION-EGG - In / Output Module

    The ORION-EGG is a computer that is designed to be applied in poultry houses in order to count the produced eggs in barn-reared and aviary barns. Depending on the number of houses, you can make a choice out of ORION-EGG-1, EGG-4, EGG-8. By placing the eggcounters in specific ways, it is possible to count the eggs per row, tier or barn. The ORION-EGG controls single / double lift systems or single / double elevator systems. The computer is in addition...

  • Sensors

  • Model FWS-4N - Electronic Feed Weigher

    Model FWS-4N - Electronic Feed Weigher

    The FWS-4N can be applied to weigh dry granular animal feed. The feed is supplied through one or multiple supply augers at the top of the feed weigher. When using multiple supply augers, the top of the feed weigher can be fitted with the optional TRECH-FWS. The weighed feed portions are discharged from underneath the feed weigher. The feedweigher can be mounted onto a console OS-FWS, and a receiving bin (OPV-FWS) can be placed under the feed weigher....