HotRot Organic Solutions Ltd

HotRot Organic Solutions Ltd

HotRot Organic Solutions Ltd offers a contractual OdourFree guarantee from a process that produces no leachate, has a compact footprint and produces highly stable compost. HotRot supplies in-vessel composting equipment to municipalities, private waste companies and institutions. Systems have been installed at mines sites and remote work camps, universities and zoos and at municipal waste transfer stations. We specialise in efficiently composting difficult putrescible organic waste. This is the composting system you want when you don't want a composting system.

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193a Durham Street, PO Box 4442. , Christchurch , 8140 New Zealand

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Waste and Recycling - Composting
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Globally (various continents)
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HotRot Organic Solutions is a privately owned New Zealand based company which operates in the global organic waste sector. Founded in 2003 to commercialise ground breaking in-vessel composting technology which emerged from a local research institute, HotRot has further developed the technology and its associated product and service portfolio and is now a leading player with a range of successful organic waste treatment projects throughout the world. HotRot has agents in UK, South Africa and N. America.

A primary goal for HotRot is to cost effectively divert difficult organic waste streams from landfill and where possible to convert these materials into soil replenishing compost. The patented HotRot in-vessel composting technology is the cornerstone of HotRot's product and service offering.

HotRot is built on an experienced international team of industry professionals, including scientists, engineers, project managers and commercial leaders who are experts in their field. The Group has forged strategic relationships with key ancillary equipment and service providers, and international licensees who collaborate with HotRot to apply HotRot's proprietary technologies exclusively in their specific organic waste treatment fields.

HotRot Organic Solutions is a New Zealand based company committed to finding solutions to your organic waste disposal requirements.

Our signature technology, the HotRot range of in-vessel composting systems, produces no leachate and comes with a unique OdourFree Guarantee. With their small operational footprint and low operating costs, our systems have a proven track record of dealing with even the most odorous and problematic waste streams that exist, including sewage residuals and food waste. Systems have been installed at 23 sites in 10 countries ranging from sewage sludge through municipal source spearated organics to waste from zoos, breweries, universities and remote work camps.

We are also pioneers in the composting of disposable nappies (diapers) and incontinence products. Learn more at the Huggies Envirocomp website.

Composting is the natural process of decay that all waste organic material undergoes over time.

Humans have recognised the value of this process since ancient times and have practised it on a small scale for many centuries. However, while a backyard compost heap may be a suitable solution for domestic food scraps and garden waste from a single household, other types of solutions need to be found for the volumes of waste generated by commercial or municipal collection.

For a detailed description of the science behind the natural composting process and the issues involved in composting on a large scale, read our three part report on issues relating to organic waste disposal.

The HotRot composting unit is a fully enclosed continuous in-vessel composting module. Each unit incorporates a u-shaped hull section with sealed lids. A central tine bearing shaft runs longitudinally through the vessel. This shaft rotates periodically and slowly, providing mixing and assisting with aeration.

The overall design of the unit produces a composting system that produces highly stable and mature compost in a minimum time period.

Odour is the biggest issue facing composting operations and odour management can be the biggest cost - either through ongoing control and mitigation methods or the economic impact of plant closure. HotRot offers its clients a contractual OdourFree Guarantee.

Leachate is another operational cost faced by most composting systems. The ability of HotRot systems to avoid leachate further simplifies operations, removes another environmental risk and saves the operator money.

A HotRot system can be operated by 25-50% less labour than other similarly sized operations.