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  • Rotavators - Model R200-400 - Rotary Tillers

    Rotavators - Model R200-400 - Rotary Tillers

    The Rotavator 400 has been developed to suit narrow tractors used in vineyard and orchard applications with catl or 11 hydraulic linkages. The 400 will also fit standard tractors for general use. The range has all the options required for adapt ion to most needs for the farmer and end user. The 400 range is available with gear or chain driven side drives and single speed or ‘Selectaspeed’ 4-speed gearboxes.!

  • Alce - Flail Shredders

    Alce - Flail Shredders

    ALCE shredders are general purpose crop shredders designed for a wide variety of applications. Manufactured to specification and not to price the Alee has built a reputation for strength and reliability. ALCE standard equipment includes: height control skids and a removable rear cover for open distribution of material. ALCE options include: Rear wheels, rear rollers, wear plates, ailerons for spreading material and comb counter blades.