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  • Walk Behind Mower

    Walk Behind Mower

    We offer high production for your dollar investment, when mowing needs dedicated, high trim capabilities, or large area production. Our mid sized walk behinds are built for the task. Built from 36 to 52 and in both 5 speed gear trans. Or dual hydro transmission.

  • Model 727 - Turf Blazer

    Model 727 - Turf Blazer

    Built for that day in day out cutting. Professional features include very heavy duty contracting, high production, and operator comfort.

  • Model 360Z - Blazer

    Model 360Z - Blazer

    Designed for professional operator comfort, ease of operation, built in durability and user friendly controls.

  • Model 530 - Turf Blazer

    Model 530 - Turf Blazer

    Full in dash instrumentation, a fully foamed cushion seat, and a variable speed Sundstrand Series 15 hydrostat are just some of the advanced featured you will find on the 530. A 26 horsepower Yanmar water-cooled engine provides a dependable diesel powerplant to this professional mower. Available in either 60' or 72' offset decks.

  • Model 1280 - Hydro Power Mowers

    Model 1280 - Hydro Power Mowers

    High capacity mowing is made simple with the Hydro Power mowers. With all year around operation for mowing and snow management, and outstanding features for its class, the choice has never been easier.