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  • Freedom Line Portable Sawmills

  • Hunter - Model Camo - Portable Sawmills

    Hunter - Model Camo - Portable Sawmills

    Selling thousands of mills has led to the All-American Hunter / Sawyer mill that are perfect for the do-it-yourself handyman on a budget. When it’s hard to justify an extra expense for higher priced sawmills, this competitively priced mill is our most unique mill yet.

  • Firewood Processors

  • Wolverine - Model M - Firewood Processor

    Wolverine - Model M - Firewood Processor

    Designed with the homeowner, farmer and small wood business owner in mind. Great for remote areas. Comes standard with a 2-and 4-way wedge and splits up to 24″ length. Set this machine up in minutes, so moving to another location can be achieved quickly and easily.

  • Skidding Winches

  • Uniforest - Model 30M - Log Skidding Winch

    Uniforest - Model 30M - Log Skidding Winch

    The Uniforest 30 M skidding winch is ideally suited for your sub-compact tractor. This unit is rated for 11 to 25 horsepower and has 6600 lbs of pull. The main cable is 165 feet long and is 3/8” thick. It comes with 4 choker hooks to attach multiple logs. The unit weighs in at 407 lbs and is a category I hitch. Make quick, safe work of your firewood or sawmill logs...

  • Wood Splitters

  • Model HDH4 - Wood Splitter

    Model HDH4 - Wood Splitter

    The HDH4 features the “V” style trough for speed and hands free safety. Like the rest of our HDH wood splitters toughness is key to production. Offering the standard 2 and 4 way wedges the HDH4 will get the job done ahead of time. Even more the HDH4 will do the heavy lifting for you with its powerful hydraulic log lift.

  • Model HDH5 - Wood Splitter

    Model HDH5 - Wood Splitter

    “V” trough style splitter centers blocks of wood in front of the ram for safe, fast, and easy production. The powerful HDH-5 features an adjustable wedges to help make precise firewood as many customers prefer. The 2 and 4 way wedge comes standard and for the smaller blocked firewood a 6 way wedge is available. The HDH-5 comes standard with a log tray. You can inspect the wood before it exits or transitions to a complementing...

  • Log Grapples and Rotators

  • Hud-Son Uniforest - Scorpion Grapple with Rotator

    Hud-Son Uniforest - Scorpion Grapple with Rotator

    Uniforest Scorpion Grabs feature robust construction, are made from high-quality materials, have quality anti-corrosion protection and have movable parts, slide bushings are used which are lubrication free.