Hudson Livestock Supplements is a manufacturer of molasses lick tubs for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and exotics. The Hudson Livestock Supplements’ molasses lick tubs provide continuous flow of essential energy, mineral, vitamin and protein delivery to all types of livestock. These supplements cut down feeding costs and increase roughage longevity. Supplement tubs are weather resistant so there’s no waste, making them economical to feed. Improve the production efficiency of your cattle, horses, sheep, goats and exotics by feeding Hudson Livestock Supplements.

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8150 Thompson Road , Miles , 76861 Texas, USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Hudson Livestock Supplements has continually improved the low moisture block process and will continue to do so in the future, to insure producers get the best product possible.

HLS supplements are recognized as superior products by stockmen. We have reformulated some products to better meet market demand as well as the desire to make current products available that meet the supplemental needs of producers all across the United States.

Not only are we continuing improvements being made to the Hudson Continuous Flow process, but the formulation of each product is being updated to make sure that all HLS supplements meet the highest in quality and consistency standards.

HLS products have been designed to save the livestock producer not only on supplement cost but total feed cost. Products are available for beef cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and exotics.

The outstanding quality and service that producers in Texas have come to rely on are now available to producers all across the U.S. under the HLS banner with the Hudson Livestock Supplements’ Flag of Quality Assurance stamped on every tub.


HLS products are 100% lickable consumption controlled energy, protein, vitamin, and mineral supplements.

HLS products are truly unique as the Hudson Continuous Flow Process allows for consistency in production resulting in efficient and consistent nutrient delivery to livestock, tub after tub. During the process Pure cane molasses and vegetable oil are put through a heat dehydration step to reduce moisture and the continuous flow of the pure cane molasses through the controlled cooking process allows for even crystallization and increased energy intake.

Nutritional ingredients are blended into the taffy-like mixture during the cooling phase. This allows the molasses mixture and the added ingredients to be blended thouroughly into a stable mix, assuring an absolutely consistent nutrient profile throughout. Various size HLS containers are filled with the uniform mix and the crystallized product then cools to a hardened state.


How is Consumption Regulated in HLS Cooked Molasses Tubs?
HLS supplements contain less than 4% moisture and act like that hard rock candy you used to buy in the store. If you leave a piece of hard rock candy on the kitchen counter for an hour and come back, it will be sticky. This is the result of it drawing moisture in from the atmosphere.

The only difference between HLS and hard rock candy is that before it hardens, nutrients are added to it through the Hudson Continuous Flow Process.

The number of tubs, or surface area, in the pasture available to draw moisture from the atmosphere in relationship to the number of animals licking on it regulates consumption.

It is important to follow the proper feeding instructions. If too few tubs are placed in the pasture then animals will not get the nutrients that they need, on the other hand if too many tubs are placed in the pasture, animals will over consume the supplement. Generally, HLS protein supplements are formulated so that one tub per 25 head will achieve a .5 to .75 of a pound per-head per-day consumption.