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Huestis Farm Supply was started in 1970 by Daniel & Eleanor Huestis at its current location on Crown Point Road in Bridport, Vermont to inventory, sell and service Winpower PTO alternators from Newton, Iowa, and UBO cow and parlor mats, manufactured in and imported from The Netherlands. The business name was registered in 1971 and soon after became a dealer for the Badger farm equipment line. In 1973, they joined American Hardware and added the lean-to on the east side of the building and opened the hardware store. Eventually American Hardware became ServiStar, and a few years ago merged with Cotter & Company under the True Value name from which we continue to buy most of our standard hardware inventory.

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3877 Crown Point Rd , Bridport , Vermont 05734-9451 USA

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Over the years there have been many ups and downs and changes in the marketplace which have affected Huestis Farm Supply. In 1981, Dan asked second son Richard and his wife Shizu to come back to Vermont from Tokyo, Japan to help in the business. He said that he would give at least two years to see if he liked doing this type of work. Apparently he did, because it is now 30 years later and Richard is still at it, because it is so much fun and rewarding to be able to help farmers and homeowners solve whatever situation is hindering their progress. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet come up with a method to increase the price of milk, upon which we all depend to make a living.

In 1981, the first cash register/billing machine was installed. This was replaced with an ABC computer system from American Hardware in December 1986 when Richard took over ownership and management of the business. This served us well for many years, with several upgrades, but after 3 years of being an ‘orphan’, it has been (partially) replaced by an ABS system from Retail Automation for Point of Sale, Billing, Accounts Receivable & Inventory Control, and QuickBooks for the accounting part of the business.

Currently Huestis Farm Supply stocks about 10,000 SKU’s and have over twice that number set up in the system, plus about 80,000 available from True Value warehouses. We are dealers for many different brands of farm equipment and ag supplies. We do our best to stock parts for and be able to service everything that we sell, and we also do a fair amount of work on other equipment that we don’t sell.