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  • Front Loaders

  • Trac-Lift  - Model TL  - Front Loaders

    Trac-Lift - Model TL - Front Loaders

    We know that the life in a farm is sometimes really challenging – weather, lack of time or workforce. So it is important to have efficient and reliable helpers available. Therefore while designing the new TracLift front-end-loader series we put performance at the first place, closely followed by transcendent product reliability. Our technical solutions optimize every part...

  • Working Tools for Front Loaders

  • Model BD - Robust Bucket

    Model BD - Robust Bucket

    The robust bucket for heavy works constructed with regard to the highest resistance requirements. It is produced from firm and strong sheet steel, which assures that the bucket doesn´t deform even by a heavy load.

  • Model BDT - Bucket with Teeth

    Model BDT - Bucket with Teeth

    The steady and strong bucket with steel teeth of hardened steel which also make comfortable and effective work with coarse materials like hard clods and stones possible.

  • Model BDL Series - High Volume Bucket

    Model BDL Series - High Volume Bucket

    With the high volume bucket you can easily cope with snow or light material. In comparison with the standard bucket the high volume bucket is quite a bit deeper and wider but its good stability and strength are preserved.

  • Model SC - Silage Cutter Bucket

    Model SC - Silage Cutter Bucket

    It serves for fine cutting and withdrawing of various silage materials and for their loading or potentially for the direct manipulation with them. The strong edges cut the silage off and by transporting they hold it safely on its place. They effectively prevent falling the material out. The bottom prongs are fixed in the strong steel frame which doesn´t enable the deformation of this working tool.

  • Model BM - Multi Bucket

    Model BM - Multi Bucket

    Thanks to its closed bottom the multibucket is suitable for loading of not only firmer materials but also for friable silage and other materials, composts and manure. The firm and sharp steel prongs reliably penetrate the material and they hold the pressed load on its place during the manipulation without the risk of its spilling.

  • Rada - Model FG - Grab Fork

    Rada - Model FG - Grab Fork

    For moving of the common manure our grab fork is perfect suitable. Its prongs hold the material without the necessity of exerting of the very high working pressure and thanks to its robust construction they resist deformations very well.

  • Model TB 160 - Tonges for Bales

    Model TB 160 - Tonges for Bales

    The tongs are produced without any sharp edges so as no damages on the plastic foil come up. They are constructed so that the pressure on the bale is evenly spread out, which ensures the reliable and comfortable manipulation with the bales.

  • Model F - Manure Fork

    Model F - Manure Fork

    We vend the forks presently in five versions with different width. By all of them we ensure the high solidity and deformation resistance. The prongs are firmly hitched in the hardened steel profile.