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  • Fish Farming- Fish Farm Cages

  • Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD500 - Fish Farm Cages

    Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD500 - Fish Farm Cages

    The newest member of the Hvalpsund EXTREME family – HD500. Designed and developed in close cooperation with the people that work on the pens every day.  We have made a lot of new and innovative details that you cannot find in any other cage bracket on the market. The option of integrating mooring points directly into the bracket – double sleeve for sinker tubes and steel reinforcements in the critical points are just some of these...

  • Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD450 - Fish Farm Cages

    Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD450 - Fish Farm Cages

    Suitable for cages from 120 mtr circumference and up. Cages built using double 450mm pipe and the EXTREME HD450 can either be supplied with or with out walkway panels. Biggest HD450 cage so far is a 168 mtr cage built in Tasmania. The HD450 is supplied with 140mm hand rail pipe.

  • Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD 315 - Fish Farm Cages

    Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD 315 - Fish Farm Cages

    With an innovative design this injection moulded bracket is the best solution for any 2 or 3 pipe cage with a size of up to 315mm. It has been made in a variety of pipe configurations in sizes from 60 to 160 mtr circumference. This HDPE100 injection moulded EXTREME bracket tackles the challenges of off-shore fish farming. With unlimited flexibility using 2 or 3 pipes in sizes from 250 – 315mm – you can design the cage to any size you may...

  • Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD 250 - Fish Farm Cages

    Hvalpsund Extreme - Model HD 250 - Fish Farm Cages

    This injection moulded bracket combines strength with flexibility as no other bracket in the market. It allows the farmer to design exactly the buoyancy and strength that is suitable for the specific site. It is made from HDPE100 – a strong and versatile material used for fish farming equipment.

  • Fish Farming Cage Nets

  • Dyneema Pros - Cage Nets

    Dyneema Pros - Cage Nets

    Why does Dyneema® make an excellent salmon / trout net? You can keep the break load whilst drastically reduce twine size – or use the higher strength to upgrade break load without increasing volume/weight. With a thinner twine – you delay the point where the net needs to be cleaned or replaced. You also reduce the amount of net coatings such as antifouling liquid needed to coat the net. That alone can pay for the slight...

  • Fish Farming- Mooring Systems- Buoys & Fenders

  • Pipe Buoys

    Pipe Buoys

    Hvalpsund EXTREME product line are PE buoys made from thick wall pipe. By combining extruded HDPE pipe with injection moulded HDPE end caps we have reached a wall thickness of more than 30mm. All traditionally rotational moulded buoys on the market are made from MDPE (which has 40% lower impact strength compared to HDPE) – and have a wall thickness of 8-10mm. This makes our EXTREME HDPE pipe buoys 4-5 times stronger than other bouys on the...

  • Fender and Marker Buoys

    Fender and Marker Buoys

    Marker buoys and fenders are available in a wide number of different shapes and sizes depending on what the purpose is.

  • Fish Farming- Mooring Systems- Anchor & Anchor Chain

  • Anchors


    In our assortment we keep a wide range of anchors with a weight from 2 to 2000 kg.  We can supply different types of second hand anchors like Hall, Klip and Pool anchors.

  • Fish Farming Cleaning Robot

  • Cleaning Robot

    Cleaning Robot

    With the trend of moving away from copper based antifouling paints – in situ net washers are increasingly being utilized to keeping nets clean from algae, mussels, barnacles etc. From small single disc cleaners operated by manually moving them across the net panels to large self-propelling washing robots – the choices are many. Hvalpsund Net cooperates with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of “in situ” net...

  • Fish Farming- Pontoons

  • Pontoons or Centralized Walk Way Systems

    Pontoons or Centralized Walk Way Systems

    Pontoons or centralized walk way systems can be used either to connect cages to land – or work as a platform to work from when servicing the cages. The options for sizes and configurations are almost endless. A few examples are shown here with a 150 mtr pontoon that allows for walking from the shore out to the cages and a centralized working platform tying a large battery of cages together. The pontoons are supplied with either injection moulded...

  • Fish Farm Dead Fish Collector

  • Dead Fish Collector

    Dead Fish Collector

    Each system for removing morts is individually made to fit exactly the individual cages. Contact us for obtaining information on the full range of components for dead fish collecting systems.

  • Fish Farming- Harvest Equipment

  • Double Ring Landing Net

    Double Ring Landing Net

    Hot dip galvanized steel frame. Tarpaulin and 50mm nylon outer net. Tarpaulin, 11+59mm outer net. 11mm inner and 50mm outer net

  • Sweep and Crowd Net

    Sweep and Crowd Net

    The sweep nets and crowd nets are made exactly to fit your cage and fish size. Send your specifications to us – and we will work out a price with knotless netting made from both nylon and Dyneema® fibres.

  • Fish Farming- Safety Equipment

  • Model 150N – EN ISO 15027  - Safety Suit

    Model 150N – EN ISO 15027 - Safety Suit

    Integrated lifejacket. Higly visible. Vind and waterproof. Termal protection. Removable fleece. VHF radio pocket/ audiio pocket. Zip under the arms. Warming pockets. Neoprene cushion. Velcro. Kneepad pockets. 2-way zip. 4 knifes holders. ID pocket. Buddy check . Color: Blue/Yellow and Red/Yellow