Hydra Fold Auger has been a leader in the development and evolution of hydraulic driven augers to handle seed and fertilizer in bulk to fill planters, seeders and drills, eliminating the labor and expense of bags for over 45 years. Small modifications and improvements have been made over the years while at the same time assuring the interchangeability of parts. Any part on an auger built in 1965 can be replaced by a similar component built today.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In the late 1970's an auger designed for installation on the back of grain trucks was built with the same features and flexibility as the gravitybox augers. The auger has discharge height adjustments and will swing 180° across the rear of the truck for infinite positioning. This is also a patented feature.

Some farmers want one auger that will fit both a truck and a gravity box. This is easily accomplished by purchasing a truck auger and an additional adjustable gravity box hopper with the proper brackets to use the auger on a gravity box.

Eight inch diameter gravity box and truck augers were also designed and built for those who needed more capacity than the six inch units.

Hydra Fold has been the leader in design features over the years. Some of the features are as follows:

1. First to locate auger below hopper for infinite positioning and ease of attaching or removing.

2. First with an adjustable hopper to fit most makes of gravity boxes with no modification to auger or wagon.

3. First with wide hoppers for double door and wide single door boxes.

4. First with slide kit for double door boxes so the adjustable hopper may be used for both double door and standard width boxes.

5. First with 12 volt electrical control and telescoping spout combination in kits for filling 12 and 16 row planters without moving wagon or truck. One man can accomplish this with no additional help. These kits will adapt to older augers, as well as current production. The electric control can be manually overridden.

Hydra Fold Auger is proud of its past accomplishments and has the products, experience and capability to continue to supply quality augers for the seed and fertilizer industry in the future. Hyrda Fold products are the most versatile augers on the market to fit gravity boxes and trucks with no or slight modification to the box, truck or auger, at a very reasonable cost.