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  • Little Red Toy Wagon

    Little Red Toy Wagon

    Sturdily constructed of heavy-duty steel. Side door designed to slide up and down. Versatile handle allows children and adults to easily pull wagon by hand, behind toy pedal tractor or behind garden tractors.

  • Telescoping Spout

    Telescoping Spout

    Electronically Controlled Telescoping Spout Attachment Works on both gravity box and truck augers. Fill your 12 and 16 row planters.  With splitter bars or pusher units without moving  wagon or truck.

  • Adjustable Hoppers

    Adjustable Hoppers

    Adjustable Hoppers are available which allow you the flexibility to attach the Hydra Fold Auger to almost any gravity box. The adjustable hopper adjusts from 33' to 42'. These adjustable hoppers are used with the double door slide kit.

  • Hydra Fold Auger - Auger Mate

    Hydra Fold Auger - Auger Mate

    A Compact Unit With Power to Spare. Unique - Eliminates Need for Tractor. Designed to Match Auger For Top Performance. Quality Material - Built With Pride. Quick Reversing For Safety & Cleaning. Filter & Safety Valve To Protect System. Inexpensive (Reasonably Priced). 10 Minute Installation.

  • Hydra Fold Auger

  • Gravity Box Augers

    Gravity Box Augers

    Ruggedly constructed with 6 or 8 inch diameter seamless tubing, the Hydra Fold Auger is designed to fit most farmers' needs. The big 8 inch auger will deliver up to 40 bushels of corn per minute, and the 6 inch auger will handle 8 bushel of seed per minute.

  • Truck Auger

    Truck Auger

    Designed for attachment to truck or gooseneck trailer. Adjustable to various discharge heights. Variable delivery speed, at discharge or intake end of auger. Can be controlled from cab, rear of truck or discharge end of auger. Powered by truck's hydraulic system, tractor pulling planter or auxiliary hydraulic power pac.