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  • HYDRIP agro - Irrigation System

    HYDRIP agro - Irrigation System

    The increasing scarcity of water resources is a global long-term trend. Today, 20% of the world population is suffering from serious water shortage. At the global scale, water consumption has doubled the last 50 years and the United Nations expect, that it will increase plus 25% until 2030. Climate change as well as the pressing demand to feed the growing population by water intensive agriculture exacerbates this trend.

  • HYDRIP green - Irrigation System

    HYDRIP green - Irrigation System

    In times of growing urban density and our increasing alienation from nature, green areas, such as public parks, recreational zones or sport facilities and smaller urban greens (traffic lanes, facilities, etc.) are of special importance for our wellbeing. Nevertheless, in hot and dry regions, this need for green space is often facing the ecological burden of high water consumption and related high (environmental) costs. In this situation, HYDRIP Green,...