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  • Beef Slaughterhouse

    Beef Slaughterhouse

    Problem: A beef slaughterhouse in Idaho wanted to compare performance and efficiency between their existing DAF unit and the HydroCal CAF flotation unit. Solution The Hydrocal CAF ran continuously for 8-10 hours per day. Test runs were made with ...

  • Dairy


    Problem: The Dairy Plant was experiencing difficulties with their waste activated treatment plant due to overloading. Solution: After a very successful trial, the customer installed a Hydrocal CAF to remove as much of the suspended solids, fats, ...

  • Olive Processing

    Olive Processing

    Problem: The aerated ponds were producing a foul odor & the chloride content of the aquifer was increasing to a level endangering the water quality. Solution: A Hydrocal CAF system is installed to treat the pit water only. This stream, which ...

  • Potato Processor

    Potato Processor

    Problem: A major potato processor was faced with odor and downstream land application difficulties. Solution: After reviewing their wastewater treatment process, the source of their problems was identified as a high strength recycle stream, ...

  • Rendering


    Problem: The meat industry (poultry included) generates some 30 billion pounds of inedible surplus each year. The rendering industry contributes tremendously to efforts to maintain a clean and healthy environment and prevent a waste disposal ...

  • Dairy Products

    Dairy Products

    Problem: This dairy located in Northern California is a major supplier of consumer milk products. The plant had been discharging their wastewater to the local sanitation plant untreated. Due to industrial growth in the area, the sanitation plant ...