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  • Selling Tools

  • Atlas - Model M18 - Pot Dripper System

    Atlas - Model M18 - Pot Dripper System

    The atlas is a range of table based recirculating drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation is the most common method of commercial hydroponic growing. Watering and feeding little and often via drip irrigation provides a more consistent and optimal moisture content in the media for the plants. This results in healthier plants and bigger yields than heavy occasional watering by hand. Plants are grown in pots and placed on the table. Nutrient/water...

  • Kits and Systems

  • 100L Reservoir with Connection Kit for up to 12 AQUAvalves

    100L Reservoir with Connection Kit for up to 12 AQUAvalves

    Heavy duty tank ideal for creating a gravity feed or pumped irrigation system such as the AutoPot system. The 100L Reservoir plus Connection Kit allows you to make your own bespoke kit for 1-12 pots. This kits also contains all the pipe and fittings you require.

  • 127mm (5`) Round Mesh Bottom Pot

    127mm (5`) Round Mesh Bottom Pot

    These plastic pots are custom designed for Aeroponics and Hydroponics as they are similar to net pots at the base but with solid sides. They offer a slightly delayed drain time compared with net pots and are great for flood systems.

  • Growing Media

  • Biobizz All-Mix Potting Soil - 20L Bag

    Biobizz All-Mix Potting Soil - 20L Bag

    This best selling growing media was developed to be the best potting soil for organic cultivation. It consists of 20% sphagnum peat moss; 35% garden peat; 10% high quality organic Biobizz Worm-Humus; 30% perlite; and 5% Biobizz Pre-Mix.

  • Biobizz Coco-Mix

    Biobizz Coco-Mix

    Biobizz Coco-Mix is an organic substrate that can be used in combination with specialist crop nutrients such as CANNA Coco. The pH falls between 5 and 6. Biobizz Coco-Mix may be used in all hydroponic media systems. This coco is ideal to mix into pre-used soil allowing the grower to recycle old substrate (flush your soil first) as Biobizz Coco-Mix has a unique structure. To grow with Biobizz in coco use the Light-Mix grow schedule on the Biobizz Grow...

Products by Valoya Oy

  • Model L-Series - Growth Chambers and Multilayers

    Model L-Series - Growth Chambers and Multilayers

    L-series lights can be used in T8 fixtures designed for fluorescent tubes without modification. Energy savings compared to FLC tubes is up to 50 % making it ideal for applications were good light quality and low heat emissions are critical. L-series tubes are available in a variety of spectra making it ideal for multilayer systems, growth chambers and various R&D applications.

  • Model C-Series - High Intensity Chambers and Shelves

    Model C-Series - High Intensity Chambers and Shelves

    The new C-series is ideal for growth rooms and other demanding light conditions where high intensity lighting is needed. C-series is ultra slim and lightweight which makes it easy to install even to places with very limited space. The bar shaped form factor minimizes shadow effect and makes it suitable for various urban farming solutions. C-series products will be available during the first half of 2015.

  • Model B-series - Interlighting and Multilayer

    Model B-series - Interlighting and Multilayer

    B-series lights allow horizontal or vertical installation. It is used in multilayer installations, as moving lighting, as hydroponic conveyor lighting and as interlighting  for vertical growing vegetables like tomato and cucumber. The B-series power ranges from 55 to 192W and is available in models from 60 to 180 cm. All B-series fixtures are passively cooled and very durable with a IP55 rating. Certification: CE, cETLus. Available spectra:...

  • Model R-series - Greenhouse Lighting

    Model R-series - Greenhouse Lighting

    The R-series LED lights offers high intensity lighting with minimal shadow foot print for a wide variety of plants and applications. It is a cost effective HPS replacement due to low energy consumption and minimal maintenance needs. The fixture is passively cooled thus without potential breaking mechanical parts like fans or watercooling parts. R-series products have a IP55 rating making it ideal for usage in tough greenhouse...

  • Morphology Manipulation LED Bulbs

    Morphology Manipulation LED Bulbs

    The 7 W bulb replaces narrow band LED bulbs and traditional incandescent lights. Using a standard E27 socket, it is an easy to install option for existing light bulb applications where high quality light is required without excessive energy consumption. Typical applications to use bulb are morphology manipulation and photoperiodic lighting where light intensity is up to 10 µmol/m2/s.

  • Breeding Plant

    Breeding Plant

    Improving plant breeding offers solutions for the increasing demand for food production worldwide. Controlled environments are widely used during plant breeding processes and their use is further increasing. In those environments, both light quantity and quality play a vital role.