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We are experts in hydroponics technology, design, and project management. Hydronov’s Floating Raft Technology is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and profitable way to grow hydroponic lettuce, herbs, and produce. Our team of experts is ready to manage your new construction project or help retrofit your existing facility.

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Since our beginnings in the 1980s with founder Luc DeRochers, Hydronov has focused on innovation in the greenhouse industry. The success of a small research project developed into our unique growing system, Deep Water Floating Rafts Technology.

After working together on the largest aquaponics facility in the United States, Nick and Gabe Pranger of Pranger Enterprises purchased Hydronov as a perfect complement to their aquaculture services.

Currently, the Hydronov team is involved in multiple projects, both in new construction and retrofitting of existing greenhouses to Floating Raft Technology (FRT). FRT technology is in use in more than 3 million square feet of installation in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, and France.

Our headquarters is in Ashley, Indiana, with an additional office in Mirabel, Quebec. Contact us today to see how we can bring your ideas from blueprint to reality!

Hydronov is the developer of a revolutionary growing technique, Floating Raft Technology (FRT), for vegetables and flowers.

Floating Raft Technology (FRT) is the most water-conscious system among existing hydroponic growing systems. One of its key features is the use of a large volume of water, allowing a buffer for fertilization and oxygen control, as well as using flotation to economically transport the plants. This large buffer brings a level of security and ease that no other growing system can match.

With FRT, absolutely no water is lost through the soil or growing media. There is no direct evaporation by the sun, no dumping of growing solution, and no dripping gutters. Only the water needed by the plants is used, making FRT the most economical system in terms of water use.

FRT leads to much higher productivity. With FRT, up to 18 crops per year of single head lettuce can be grown, at an average head weight of 200 grams. In comparison, the best soil-based greenhouse growers can only produce five crops per year. No herbicides or fungicides are ever needed. Hydronov has also developed the first organic solution for the FRT system.

FRT provides an integrated Harvest Transportation System within the facility, simply by using the growing water as a conveyor system. Conveyors transport the harvested lettuce into a service building, where it is packed per customer specifications and kept in cold storage until pick up.