HydroTerRen designs, builds, and operates controlled environment hydroponic and aquaculture production facilities. Our facilities produce a year round supply of premium quality fish, certified organic green produce, vegetables, micro-algae, and co-products for soil based farming from production wastes. HTR can transform any level, vacant land–including brown field and urban redevelopment sites–into year-round processing, packaging, and distribution centers, while at the same time creating new, green jobs for managers, technicians, and unskilled workers. HydroNov is a highly respected, international, agricultural innovation firm whose intensive leafy greens, herbs and vine vegetable intensive production methods have been commercially deployed for nearly 30 years in 31 facilities in 7 countries worldwide, including China, Canada and the United States, with 3 more coming on-line in 2017-18.

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)

  • Production systems are separate to optimize the precise growing conditions for each species of fish, greens, fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Process maximizes production yields, quality consistency, biosecurity and profitability.
  • Facilities are profitable and environmentally sustainable/carbon-negative
  • System includes proprietary anaerobic bio-digester that converts fish/vegetable waste into organic fertilizer, while generating heat and electricity.
  • Nearly 99% of process water is recycled.
  • Projects are infinitely scalable, but the smallest urban project is 2 acres. Candidate properties must be zoned and permittable for industrial and/or agricultural use, have access to natural gas, 3-phase electricity, and preferably dedicated well water

Over the last 8 years, HydroNov has developed and built facilities in China that integrate their hydroponic agricultural with their own recirculating aquaculture (RAS) system.

Production systems integration offers many advantages and higher profitability over any other stand-alone fish or vegetable growing methods. Their integrated system offers significant advantages and increased profitability over any other stand-alone fish, vegetable or algae production methods. The system can be powered by renewable/alternative energy sources.