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  • Knapsack Sprayer

    Knapsack Sprayer

    The advanced design of this simple, highly functional knapsack sprayer makes it very light. It has fewer parts due to so many components being built-in. This makes it a highly durable and guaranteed backpack sprayer, and at the same time ensures maximum economy. This sprayer uses double valve technology which generates high pressure and also retains it while you spray. This heavy duty 16 litre knapsack sprayer features a dual piston pump, providing the...

  • Model H - 301/311 - Foot Sprayer

    Model H - 301/311 - Foot Sprayer

    These sprayers are ideal for spraying on plantations and farms in hilly terrain. These sprayers are more suitable for spraying on field crops, orchards, tea, coffee, rubber estates, coconut, apple, cashewnuts and tall trees. They have varied uses.