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  • Spraying Booms

  • IMM - BetweenRow Boom

    IMM - BetweenRow Boom

    It's ideal for a localized spraying between the rows or near moats and banks. It covers a 1 mt. fan range. It uses two asymmetric plastic nozzles for a better lateral covering.

  • IMM - Manual Boom

    IMM - Manual Boom

    Our range of manual boom's from the smaller 4 mt. up to 16 mt. The frames are completely hot galvanized and every arm has a break back system. It's possible to mount different kind of nozzle holder (plastic single and triple and brass single) with any number of sector. We suggest to fit the 12 mt. with a Vertical Self Leveller and the 14-15-16 mt. with a MEC Self Leveller.

  • Mounted Sprayers

  • IMM - Model GK 600 - Mounted Sprayer

    IMM - Model GK 600 - Mounted Sprayer

    Mounted sprayer GK model is located in the cheap class althought it could fit accessories till become a professional machine. Standard model can mount pump from 70 up to 160 lt/min with hydraulic boom Krono and all kind of manual booms.

  • IMM - Model GT 1500 - Mounted Sprayer

    IMM - Model GT 1500 - Mounted Sprayer

    Mounted sprayer GT model is an high class machine. Its great standard features added to the robustness of the frame make it the ideal machine to fit hydraulic booms up to 27 mt. The main tank can reach a maximum capacity of 1800 lt, the full optional machine proposes itself as the best solution for big farms that need quick movement among fields using all high class accessories like computer and electric control.