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  • Timmers

  • SACAIA - Model 185 - Trimmer

    SACAIA - Model 185 - Trimmer

    The SACAIA Trimmer has a superior frame in both version single or double. It is equipped with a vertical double-bladed cutter bar, horizontal cutter bar (top) and pick up arms for low lying vegetation. The particular oblong shape of the blades allows to cut at fast ground speed obtaining a precise cut which not give any chance to the illness primer. All movements are made by hydraulics cylinders with distributor or Electro-hydraulic as per your...

  • Delivery Rakes

  • Single Side-Delivery Rakes

    Single Side-Delivery Rakes

    Used after the pruning for the cleaning of the vine shoots. A brush with manual adjustment of length and inclination, makes this equipment economical and adaptable to any tractors.

  • Other

  • Tipping Machines

    Tipping Machines

    This machine is used to eliminate in a mechanical way the suckers at the beginning of vegetative period. The heads can be length 100 or 80 cm and must be combined with frames of different dimensions as follow : - frame for a single head ( to work only one side therefore it will be necessary two ways to complete a row. - central frame with two heads: to work two half rows in a way (one on the right and one on the left) . - tunnel frame : frame steps...

  • Model LSMulti - Wire Lifting (Tying-Up) Machine

    Model LSMulti - Wire Lifting (Tying-Up) Machine

    New Model LSMulti is designed to lift foliage wires automatically to a desired height and fix them together to get a tidy and homogeneous vegetation hedge. This machine can work either with nylon strings or with fix wire. It allows to speed the operations thanks to a hooking special system of fix wires. The wires are fixed together with a disposable plastic clips.

  • Model PMS - Shreeder

    Model PMS - Shreeder

    The PMS Model is a strong machine made by oversize rotor and rams and support roller mounted on hubs by strong double conics bearings. The structure is made by a high resistance double steel plate and the tractor connection can be sideways hydraulically movable. This particular structure and the high speed of the rotor allow an elevated speed of work.

  • Pre-pruning Machine

    Pre-pruning Machine

    The machine, that can be used especially on runner-system or guyot type support structures, is made by a tunnel frame on which two cutter bars (double-blades), enable to cut the strongest vine shoots, are applied. The machine has also a particular extractive system for the vine runners enable to carry them to the row centre leaving clean the underlying zone. On choice the vine runners can be both cut or left entirely; in the second case the removal...

  • Towed Grape Harvester

    Towed Grape Harvester

    Towed Grape Harvester with hydrostatic transmission wheels that allows to overcome significant slopes. The 'Sacaia Control System' grape collection shaking device enables high-speed work in full respect towards the plant, its vegetation and the support poles as well. The two stainless steel containers are the top-of the-line with over 2,000 liters capacity each. All settings are made by using electrical controls and a joystick-equipped control panel...