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  • Agricultural

  • IAE - Model Classic - Calf Creep Feeder

    IAE - Model Classic - Calf Creep Feeder

    The IAE classic calf creep feeder brings together the best elements of our previous calf creep feeder designs and enhances the product with new features and design alterations. The hopper, intricately folded from heavy gauge sheet using our state of the art folding and punching equipment, forms an integral part of the structure of the creep. Incorporating the hopper into the unit as a whole gives creep inherent rigidity and strength. To prove the...

  • IAE - Model Crusader Plus - Cattle Crush

    IAE - Model Crusader Plus - Cattle Crush

    The Crusader Plus Cattle Crush is now the only cattle crush in our range to feature our saloon door manually operated traditional lever type yoke at the front of the crush.

  • IAE - Model Vertirack - Heavy Duty Vertical Rails

    IAE - Model Vertirack - Heavy Duty Vertical Rails

    The Vertirack is a modular system allowing varying lengths of hayrack to be easily achieved using standard sections. This hayrack is manufactured with heavy duty vertical rails to withstand sustained use in cattle sheds. The unit can be configured to be a hook over type unit with a meshed back panel included, or can be configured to be a bolt to wall type unit using the same family of components. Vertical rails are set 77mm apart on the front section...

  • YokeMaster - Self Locking Yoke Panel

    YokeMaster - Self Locking Yoke Panel

    Designed for dairy cattle, the IAE YokeMaster self locking yoke panel is designed to allow cows to feed freely, but also to allow the animals to be locked into the panel to permit treatment, for example AI or PD, within the dairy environment, with all of the consequential welfare and yield benefits associated with not removing the animal from its familiar habitat.

  • IAE - Model 4GS - Mattress System

    IAE - Model 4GS - Mattress System

    The 4GS mattress system combines a superb Huber Technik top cover which is 4mm thick and backed with a special strong inlay mesh exclusive to Huber Technik products. This interaction point with your animal is gently textured to provide stability and is manufactured from 100% pure rubber compound which has not previously been vulcanised. This top cover is proven in test to be 6 times stronger than Chinese competitors.

  • Ultima - Cow Cubicles

    Ultima - Cow Cubicles

    The Ultima is our best selling and most highly recommended cubicle loop, the unique shape of our Ultima maintains the same high head rail position of the Supreme but with the added option to raise the rail still further if necessary. By dropping the lower support rail closer to the bed we have further increased the lunge zone for the cow...

  • IAE - Sheep Docking Crate

    IAE - Sheep Docking Crate

    Sheep Docking Crate 1350mm long x 560mm wide x 1000mm high. Quick acting dual rear gates. Self locking yoke with 5 variable width settings from 50mm to 130mm maximum. Yoke can be locked open to allow clear passage. Wheels and handles are available at an extra cost. Drilled lugs allow the units to be incorporated into the heavy duty race system if required. Opening side doors with top operated sliding bolt.

  • FIBROTEX - Portable Cattle Handling System

    FIBROTEX - Portable Cattle Handling System

    IAE Rotex  Portable Cattle Handling System is an easy and superbly convenient way of handling cattle. Semi-circular crowding/forcing areas encompass the most modern ideas and theories in animal welfare and operative safety. The Rotex system is extremely portable, quickly assembled, and safe whilst on the move due to the bespoke transport crate.

  • Cattle Crushes

  • IAE - Model A1000 Squeeze - Cattle Crush

    IAE - Model A1000 Squeeze - Cattle Crush

    IAE’s A1000 Squeeze crush has all the features of the A1000 professional range cattle crush but with the addition of squeeze sides. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing cattle crushes we know our new A1000 squeeze crush has many unique features, is easy to use and we believe probably the best available in today’s market place.

  • IAE - Model M1000 - Cattle Crush

    IAE - Model M1000 - Cattle Crush

    The new M1000 yoke represents the pinnacle of manual yoke design and encompasses the foremost yoke concepts and everything IAE have learned in over 25 years of yoke manufacture and development. Speed is a key feature of the M1000. A sliding gate design, the yoke is positioned manually using the smooth action operating handle. At whatever point the yokes are positioned, they lock automatically, rendering time intensive individual adjustment...