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  • IBA - Milk Replacer

    IBA - Milk Replacer

    IBA distributes a full line of calf milk replacers to meet the needs of any dairyman. Many different protein sources and/or antibiotic packages are available.

  • IBA - Vision Inflation System

    IBA - Vision Inflation System

    Years of research and development were conducted to develop one of the best one piece shell/silicone liner in the industry. The patented design provides the characteristics necessary for ultimate performance for several thousand milkings.

  • IBA ProSquare - Inflations

    IBA ProSquare - Inflations

    IBA's line of square rubber inflations are the best performers in the industry when it comes to fast milkout and total teat health.

  • IBA - Model Plus - Milker Claws

    IBA - Model Plus - Milker Claws

    IBA is the originator of the 'Top Unloading' claw that has been proven year after year. IBA claws are constructed of durable stainless steel, not plastic, and are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs.

  • IBA - Microfiber Towels

    IBA - Microfiber Towels

    IBA's own microfiber towel is an economical solution for any dairy. Microfiber cleans and absorbs much better than traditional cloth and washes clean easily.